Vege Tempura & dipping sauce recipe--my 1st attempt!

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The reason why I love eating bento set meals,especially Kodomo Bento at Sushi King,is because of the various type of tempura in the set.I love the vegetables that have a crisp panko crust.Thus,I always bake or cook stuffs that I want to eat so that I don’t have to go the places that sell them all the time.hehe.

I was super excited when I discovered panko breadcrumbs at a bakery supply store on Tuesday.
The key to a great tempura lies in the batter.Cos’ I did try once a long time ago,using a recipe by Jamie Oliver & it wasn’t great at all!I guess the Japanese knows better.

It was the first time I had to buy an ingredient that I’ve never used before,Club Soda water.It taste like water with carbonation.haha.No sugar whatsoever.

The recipe for this light and crisp tempura batter I got on the net and funny thing it was from iVillage Garden Web forum.The tempura dipping sauce recipe was awesome too!Try both of the recipes and you won’t be sorry.

Oh,btw,the vege that I used was Bombay onions(the huge yellow one),Japanese eggplant, & an assortment of sweet potatoes(purple,orange & yellow).You can also try long b
eans,oyster mushroom,fish,prawns,zucchini,and asparagus.

Below are a few pics of me trying both recipes and the recipe for the batter & dipping sauce.

1 cup flour
¼ cup cornstarch
¼ tsp salt
½ tsp sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 cup Soda water (Club soda; as cold as possible) -- more as needed
Panko breadcrumbs
Oil for deep-frying

  • Mix flour, cornstarch, salt, sugar, and baking powder.
  • Add soda water gradually, stirring with a fork, first to create a paste and then until mixture is like a thick pancake batter.
  • Heat oil for frying to 375° F - 400° F.
  • Dip prepared veggies and meats in batter, coating completely. Shake off excess.
  • Roll around in panko breadcrumbs.
  • Fry vegetables and meats, a few pieces at a time, until light brown and crispy.
  • Do not crowd pan, or oil temperature will drop. No more than will cover ¾ of the surface of the oil.
  • Drain on paper towels.
* NOTE: I like 2 parts all-purpose flour to 1 part rice flour.


  • Test for correct oil temperature (if you don't have a cooking thermometer):
  • Drop in 1/4 tsp of batter.If it sinks to the bottom, oil is not hot enough.
  • If it rises to the surface quickly and turns golden brown in about a minute, oil is just right.
  • If it burns immediately, oil is too hot.This test can also be done with a cube of bread.


1 tbs soy sauce(I use Kikkoman!)
1 tbs vinegar
1 tbs sugar
2 tbs water

Whisk them all together and serve!

Hope you enjoy the recipes..:))


I love scarpa!

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*Jangan terkejut..I didn't cut my hair!Look at how cute I look in my new cardie??hehe..And the dress that I hope,I'll get to buy soon..*

I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.
-Oprah Winfrey-

Scarpa means shoe in Italian--I learnt this from my fave app in my hp--the Collins Eng-Italian dictionary!I just love shoes!Shoe shopping is one of my favorite things to do & I wish I can do so every week.

You want to fall in love with a shoe, go ahead. A shoe can't love you back, but, on the other hand, a shoe can't hurt you too deeply either. And there are so many nice-looking shoes.-Allan Sherman-

I love them in all sorts of styles.I have pumps,heels,gladiators,flats,stilettos,wedges,ankle boots,sandals and many more.I love them all!

Some great shoe porn(meaning movies with lots of gorgeous shoes) movies are In Her Shoes,Sex & The City 1 &2,Legally Blonde 1 &2,and I can't remember the others.My parents call me Imelda Marcos because I have a trunk full of shoes in my car.hehe.

So dear readers,here I've uploaded 2 pictures from half of the collection of shoes that I have..The others are at my grandma's house...These are what I have in my family house..I believe that great shoes can take you to great places..:)..

I'm still dreaming of the day when I can afford my own pair of Roger Vivier or Christian Loubotins...Below are pictures of shoes that I would gladly appreciate if it's in my collection..hehe..Btw,I'm a size 8..:P

1)Clogs--I have a pair of clogs wedge but I'm dying for something like the black one at Old Blossom but alas,they've none in my size!:((

2)Mocassin boots--I love them & found a few pairs that I wanted in USJ but NO SIZE!T_T
Go & check out Christian Louboutin's website!It's AWESOME!

Some of my far out lust over & can only berangan shoes areeeeeeee....

1)Christian Louboutin's Nitoinimoi in Grey

Warghhhhh so damn gorgeous & I've to say..a bit kinky..:P

2)Salvatore Ferragamo flats--I want em' in call colours!!:))


Haiyaaa..hampir tak konvo!

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I want to blog in my bahasa ibunda with a hint of English in this post because I thought,why not?Some people told me that they're intimidated by the fact that I'm good in English and I write it well here BUT,dear people,I studied English(TESL) for FIVE FREAKIN' YEARS YO!(1 year of Pre-degree & 4 years of B.Ed)..It would be weird if my English was really bad..

So you don't have to feel like, 'wahhhh..terernyer BI die'(kunun2 la ade org ckp camni) when in fact,I STUDIED it(although not that hard laa..ahaha) for five years so of course I'm well verse in it but I won't say I'm that good in it..I still make mistakes from time to time..:)

Okay,mari mula berblog dlm bahasa melayu/rojak..:))

Hari ini,saya dapat mc dari klinik panel tempat kerja saya.Semalam sewaktu tinggal lagi 2 jam keje nak habis,badan saya sangat panas padahal tempat kerja saya tu sejuk macam peti beku.Jadi,bila balik,kena pergi sana sini,lupa pula nak pegi klinik.Pagi tadi,saya pegi & doktor yg baik hati tu bagi saya mc.

Balik rumah,saya buat benda yang dah lama tak dibuat--menonton rancangan Martha Stewart!!!Ye lah,kerja saya dari 8.45am-5.45pm..mana lah dapat kan nak tgk tv pagi2 dh?

Lepas tuh,bertenggek depan laptop,lepas tuh,teman makcik saya pegi beli lauk pauk untuk nenek.Beli banyak2,simpan dalam peti sejuk,sebab dia tak suka masak macam saya(ahahaha) dan sebab saya tidur rumah nenek sekali dua je sekarang dalam seminggu.Jadi bila saya ada,makchak pun suruh la bawa ke sana ke sini.,bila balik rumah nenek,makchak bukak peti surat & jeng jeng jeng...SURAT DARI UITM???oooops..Macam2 berlegar dalam kepala saya..Tak bayar pinjam buku kat library ke(sebab ramai kawan saya kene kencing dgn dieorg smpai beratus2...ish2) atau pasal Masters yg dah beberapa minggu tak jumpe supervisor atau pasal konvo??

Saya pun bukak..rupa2nya..SAMAN TRAFIK!Adoiiii..Ada 2 saman & kena bayar sebelum 15 Oktober or tak dapat konvo(MANA BOLEH!!)..Tengok tarikh kat surat,17 Sept,tapi sampai hari ni,29/9/2010..-____-..Nasib baik la saya MC hari ni..Adalah hikmah dia..Terus bergegas ke Unit Keselamatan UiTM & membayar saman.

Walaupun hati adalah sedikit bengang,tapi oleh kerana pekerja2 unit keselamatan sangat baik dan ceria2 belaka,membuatkan saya pun tersenyum2(ok,sebab ada sorg guard tu hensem..ahhahaah).Seriyes,mereka baik ok!Siap akak guard tuh,tak payah cakap kenapa saya ke sana pon dia dah tahu untuk bayar saman & if not,xboley konvo..hik2..Ayat abg
guard bila tgk surat yang saya letak rm50(ya,itulah jumlah bayaran saman yang saya kena bayar!), dia cakap 'Uish,banyaknyer duet'..ahaha

Kan bagus dan senang sikit kita nak hulur duit kat UiTM if kakitangan dia baik2 dan ceria macam dieorg tuh?Ni tidak,dulu,kat fakulti saya,mak guard die ish mmg ramai xske s
bb die kekwat dan bengis.Lain dari kat main campus..huhu

Ni hah bukti saya boleh konvo..:))..LEGAAAAA!(Maaf gambar terbalik sebab ntah,blog ni kadang2 gila sket..ahaha)


Old Blossom Box Loves

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Thanks to Adela,I have been to Old Blossom more frequently nowadays & getting more broke in the process..ahaha..But I can't help it because the stuff there is just too cute & pretty!:))

Tonight,she wanted to buy a dress there & I followed & ended up getting this gorgeous new cardy which is more expensive than her own dress..ahahaha.
But it's worth it cos' look at the pearl encrusted lace cardigan?Is anything more chic or preppy or Coco Chanel-esque cardigan in the world---okay I am exaggerating a bit,but it's just too divine NOT to buy that I just had to fork out rm75 for it..:))

Come to think of it I have bought A LOT of stuff from Old Blossom ever since it opened.List of things I bought there:

-A plastic cherry necklace(my 1st visit there with Izza during the SECOND day it was opened!)
-A ruffled top
-3 vintage belts
-A vintage clutch
-A pair bejeweled grey ballet flats
-The gorgeous green&black jeweled necklace
-A diamante bow pearl bracelet
-A black ruffled top with roses
-A white + blue sailor dress
-A blue leopard print wallet
-A lace & pearl cardigan

I hope one day,I can also open a store as cute as Old Blossom but with it's own cafe in it cos' I love to cook..hehe

Although the pic is a bit blurry,next up,I want this dress with a pearl neckline!!


Oh really?

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I know I'm a girl,but sometimes I truly wish that I can beat people up!Like go up to them and give them a huge kick in the ass & let it rip!grrrrrrr

This my blog and it's about my LIFE..what I do,how I feel,where I go and yada2.If you don't like what I write here,then don't read it!Easy right?

How can anybody in my situation,be okay & not be bitter, when someone who 'claimed' that they love you & was thankful to have you, just stop contacting you although you have tried to be very nice & make things work,even when all of your friends say DON'T!Cos' I want to believe that despite the cool demeanor,he has a heart lying in there somewhere.But I was proven wrong time and time again & of course,it hurts.It's like you can't help but wonder if all that was said before this was just a big fat lie?

And it's not something you can be okay with just like that.I have a heart & although we're not together anymore,although we don't see each other anymore,although we don't talk anymore,I still care.And it's sad when I think about the fact that he'd rather let his emotions get the best of him rather than stop to think it through.Although he claimed that I was the emotional one throughout our relationship,atleast I don't let it affect me for more than 1-2 days & then I'll be okay again..

But,clearly it wasn't me who's emotional now..Because I managed to tell him how I feel about our situation & even then, he still couldn't rationalize things..So what should I do but move on?Why I should I wait for someone who doesn't want to be waited for?

Most importantly,if this is a test from God to see whether we would last or not,what does it say about him and us?Cos' although he claimed that I threw him away,atleast I know what I did was wrong and tried to make things work..but ultimately,he was the one who pushed me further away from him and did not make an effort or even move an inch..he just stood still...

But it's okay, because with a whole lot of hurt,I know in time a lot of joy will come...I just have to believe that everything happens for a reason & I might not see it now,but I'm sure god has plans for me.Who knows right?


Life list

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I was inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert words 2 years ago in the book Eat,Pray & Love(she bounce back from her fallout) and now it reminded me of the situation that I'm in.

A guy friend of mine remarked that I need to get use to my single life cos' although our relationship wasn't that long..still it was enough to make you forget that hey,you were fine being single before were consumed by it and now that it's over,you need to adjust your life again.

Oh,you can lie to yourself all you want,but you know deep down that nobody will ever love you like I did.That...I'm very sure off.:)

Here's a list of things that I want to do cos' now I have a bit more free time & more time to focus on ME!!

1)Cook and bake new recipes like Pineapple fried rice,sushi,more pies--I want to bake pumpkin or peach pie!!:)),cakes--I want to bake an awesome cheesecake for my mum!

2)Play baseball!!omg--I love the 'ping' sound of the bat!

3)Start saving money for Italy--I'm gonna go there 1 day!A guy that I was involved with years ago offered to bring me there for Christmas Holiday but I declined(man I shouldn't have!KIDDING!..sort of..:P)

4)Sell the clothes/shoes that I almost never wear!!hehe..

5)Get back in the dating game--though I'm not gonna rush into this since I'm still recovering & all..but if someone is truly genuine in getting to know me,then,why not right?

6)EXERCISE more!

7)Take care of my health better.

8)Stop buying unnecessary things--means clothes that I can wear many times..Not stuffed into the closet or wear only once or twice..:P

9)Go after what I want..hehe.

10)Work harder & earn more money!!:)

11)Make a point to relax every job is stressful enough.

12)Find the perfect white dress & black clogs(cos' the one tat I wear everyday to work is getting beat up!)

13)Start a bit on my Masters!!

Oh,listen to Faizal Tahir's newest single,'Hanyut'..I love this part & wish someone would realize about it..HAH!

"Aku memang bersalah
Selalu saja mengabaikan mu
Dan tapi dah ku sedari
Segala perit kau lalui
Ku terlupa kau terluka

Dan memang selalu
Aku bersalah
Selalu saja mengabaikan mu
Meninggalkan mu
Dan tetapi itulah aku sedari
Segala perit yang kau lalui
Kerna diriku yang terus hanyut"

Hurm..that's about it I guess..I'll update this list if there's anything else..:))

Nite peeps & sleep tight!xoxo



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I sooo can't wait to watch the movie based on one of my favorite books ever this week==EAT,PRAY & LOVE!

I remembered blogging about it HERE & HERE(I bake my own pizza because of the book!) 2 years ago!!!

Watch the trailer below..:)


A change of color..:)

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I know I know,I said I'd never color my hair..But since my parents give me the greenlight and plus it's my hair..I decided to do this..hehe.It's my FIRST time EVER coloring my hair and thanks to Liese,it was super2 easy to do!Just follow the instructions & in no time you'll have a brand new look.I was definitely ecstatic with the results & have bought hair-stuffs to protect my newly colored hair.

Oh,I had to buy 2 boxes since when I first tried it,the color was not that noticeable at the ends of my hair cos my hair is so thick.But it's only rm76(rm38 per box) so it's so worth it rather than blowing off your money at the salon when you can just easily do it yourself at home..:)

Got the Paramore tix!!C u guys there!:)

P/S:Recent Old Blossom Box Store splurge!!I love the wallet--FINALLY found a replacement for my old beat up one..hehe..It even has a hp compartment inside & it fits mine!!


Wow!!Asians Represent!:)

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Just discovered a few awesome Youtube vids or remixes..These dudes are amazing!


Making the most out of life

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I'm sorry to say that people who are apathetic about life,are losers to me.Life is full of opportunities and we're suppose to make the most out of it.I am not one person to sit around and do nothing and just lepak2 every night.That is so not me.I find people who always lepak at mamak or anywhere like every night,doing nothing for hours is just wasting their time.But I do make a point to atleast reconnect with my friends and ex-students and others,atleast a few times in a month.

I am very independentI like earning my own money and have been doing so ever since I was a kid.Even back in uni,I'll make sure I'm making some money from a few part-time jobs every semester(READ THIS OOLDDDD POST OF MINE ABOUT MY PAST JOBS) so that I don't have to always rely on my parents whenever I want to buy something that I want(not need).If you spend a lot,you have to be able to work hard to earn a lot as well.

My parents never raise me with a silver spoon in my mouth..although some people might think it looks like it...but actually,there has been times when our family has been tested with financial matters but we persevered.My parents always instill in me to not 'susahkan orang'.Thus when I see people who sit on their laurels and just doesn't go out there and be proactive in life when they are healthy and can do so,it really annoys me.

I'm 23 years old and it's been 3 months since my parents have cut off my allowance.They don't give me money anymore.Not even duit raya..:(.Now I am learning to manage my own money.I have bills to pay and although it's a bit hard at first,now I feel a bit accomplish knowing that I am growing up and little by little,coming out of the cocoon that I was in.


Doing better..

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Somebody asked me a great question recently..."Do you really want to end up with a jerk?"...So,NO TURNING BACK..:)


My Levi's curve id--demi curve..:)

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Got my 3rd paycheck on Wednesday--hurrah!!

The first day I got it,bought dinner for the family,some groceries,paid my broadband bill,paid my mum my monthly car loan & bought a new dvd player(gave my old 1 to the brother's cos they ruined theirs & if I buy them a new one,ayah will get mad).

Today I splurge on a pair of jeans--haven't done that in a loooong time..Cos' back when I still depended on my parents money,they'll buy me a pair of Levi's.Plus,I always have problems with the fit of my jeans.They always seem to be loose at the waist but hugs at the hips.So I always risk revealing my butt crack if I wear anything above it.
But when I saw the advert for Levi's current line of jeans,that claims that they'll fit a woman,base on her curves...well that really sold me!Plus,it has been getting very good reviews from various woman with curves..

The line consists of jeans with 3 type of curves.Slight Curve(for women with a tiny butt),Demi Curve(for women with medium butt--me,apparently!) & Bold Curve(for women like Beyonce!).

So,today I tried on a few pairs at the Levi's Super Store and the shopkeeper at Sunway was very very helpful!They gave me a few pairs and measured me & everything.After about trying 4 pairs on,the one from Demi Curve(the medium curve),the Skinny Boot,fit my perfectly.And imagine my surprise,when my waist is now 26 inches!I haven't measure my waist in YEARS because I always feel like I'm big & fear what I'll see when I do that..hehe.

The jeans cost me rm229 and to me,although it is a bit expensive,I think it is a great investment!

No gap between my waist & it feels comfy & the material is light.Perfect!Now I can wear tops that sits on my waist without fearing that I'll 'reveal' myself or give people an eyesore..hehe.

Oh,bought a pair of wide leg & super comfy F21 wool grey pants with silk lining inside, which was marked off from rm109 to rm50 & a pair dark grey knit dress that's so pretty & also only rm50!!F21 is having a big sale ppl--go & grab the marked down clothes!!:))

And it makes total sense to have the card below since I spend a lot of money at Watson!!:)

And you,thanks for making me smile just by being there..:)


A bunch of reviews

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Watched quite a few movies and read a book or two so hereby are my reviews on all of them.

1.Step Up 3d

Watched this movie during 2nd raya night with all of my siblings and my cousins.My first time going to Sunway after you know what...I find it hard to go to places that we used to go now..:(..But I’m getting better at coping with everything..

Now,I actually thought I wasn’t going to enjoy the movie because c’mon,as much as I love watching people dancing,not enough to watch it on 3D.BUT I was surprised when I ended up liking the movie!It was AWESOME and I was obsessed about it even when I got home..Love the songs,the dance moves,the cute guys..BUT the ‘love story’ part of the movie was just totally unnecessary and sooo cheesy!

I love all of the modern and hip hop dance but also the ballroom dance and the super duper cute dance between Moose and whats her name(sorry couldn’t remember!).Moose is my fave thing in the movie..he’s just soooo cute!!!I love love love the way he dressed.So preppy/geeky/cool chic!

2. Date Night

Tina Fey & Steve Carrel makes a great husband and wife team in this movie.Mark Walhberg appearance was just hilarious!I actually love the start of the movie.When their kids woke them up in the morning?*Sigh*..I love the game that they play everytime they go to a restaurant—the one where Tina’s character suss up the patrons.ahahah.

There were many funny moments in this movie but it didn’t really wow me.A great watch nonetheless.Way better than the other movie that I reviewed below.


Ah,I have to say I watched the movie to see the dynamic between Ashton & Katherine cos’ I’ve never watched them act together.And eh,this movie was just so-so.I am a fan of Ashton & watched almost all of his movies and yeah,he looks mighty fine in this movie but the storyline was

If you are a fan of old movies(esp Audrey Hepburn’s),you’d remember that the hotel that they met at the start of the movie was actually the hotel showed at the star of the move Paris When It Sizzles..It’s still just as gorgeous as in the old days.

The ending was predictable because it was revealed who was the one who wanted to kill Ashton’s character midway through the movie if you were paying attention.But the idea that all of their friends and neighbours was all this while planning to kill him was like...oookay!And it’s annoying when they keep mentioning about Katherine’s huge, we get it!

4.Camp Rock 2

Why the heck did I watch this movie again?It was really really really boring.Nuff said.

5.Sex and The City 2

I LOVE IT!The movie got mixed reviews when it came out but I thought it had everything a girl could want—fashion,friendship,romance and little bit of raunch..ahaha.I love the outrageous fashions and omg,although it was a gay wedding,I actually love the choir boys!

And how fun was it the whole Single Ladies dance by Liza Minelli? And omg,Abu Dhabi was just so luxurious and opulent!I love how politically corrent Miranda was about the customs and thus the viewers manage to know a bit about their culture.

I have to say,I cried during the part when Big came back to Carrie a few hours after she came back from Abu Dhabi.The lines are below..:((

Big:Walking around,killing time,torturing you.

Carrie:Well it worked.I actually thought you weren’t gonna come back

Big:Oh no,I’m a grown up.And I made a vow.Remember?

Maybe one day I'll find someone who stick around when I made a mistake..:(

6. Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

When I love a book that an author writes,I will keep buying ALL of their books everytime it comes out.Thus,I never miss any books that are written by Sophie,just as I never miss any book written by Frances Mayes(the most expensive so far,as I spend rm100 on 1 of her books!),Fannie Flagg and Annie Hawes.

Oooh,a promo at MPH now is that if you buy the UK cover of the book,you get a free makeup bag/purse with a cute & it fits all of my makeup!

I finished reading this book in 1 day & ½ .It was quick read and it was just as fun as her previous works(except for Twenties Girl which I didn’t enjoy!).Loyal fans of Becky’s escapades will love this book and we get to see her little daughter have grown up a bit and well,is a little spoiled.

There are many cringe-worthy moments and super funny ones in this book filled with of course,fabulous clothes,shoes & bags!:))..A very good read to take your mind off from the hectic real world as it is light and fun with a little bit of good fluff!



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Life is getting quite better...You win some,you lose some..It's great to know that some people still find me attractive..I'm flattered but I think I need some time to heal and focus on me..

I still think about the good times we had and sometimes it's painful and hard because you remember certain things,gestures,touch...and it brings you down allover again.Currently I'm living with my family because I need them by my's tough enough when your workmates,NONE of them,the female ones,are single..i'm not kidding!

1 of my friend is getting married soon,1 is going to be engage soon..And then,there's me...It's bad enough that most of my close friends are not in Shah Alam & I can only talk to them on the phone or through Facebook..:(

So I need to find activities that are healthy and that will make me happy..I need to meet new people and get out there.So I have a few plans up my sleeves..we'll see how it goes..

I do however,envision myself being a devoted wife to a wonderful husband and a mother to cherubic kids& feeding them good food everyday while their father clean up the house..ahaha--which is why I love to cook..i am practicing for the future knows,maybe there will be someone out there who will ultimately be able to handle me and accept me for me..:)..I'll never lose hope..

During the 2nd day of Raya,things start to look up..And 3rd & 4th of raya I was busy going from houses to houses,with relatives commenting on how thin I have become..yeah,right!I still could use to lose some more weight...I FINALLY took the courage to wear the misty grey contacts which I have put off for weeks because they look BLUE on me!ahaha..But I thought why not,I need a change anyway right?The picture of me in those contacts are below...

Oh,for the month of October,I thought of splurging on a pair of Black skinny pants from the GAP,you know from their new collection of different pairs of black pants OR Levi's new jeans with the 3 types of curve fit..

Because,the reason why I almost NEVER show my butt when I wear skinny jeans is because the fact that they are LOOSE on the waist but fit on my hips & everytime I sit down,they risk revealing my 'crack' I always make sure I wear tops that sits halfway on my hips,to cover them!

So I need those jeans & those pants which one should I buy first? there's the PARAMORE tickets that I need to buy..I soo need to budget my money better...:P


Comelnyerrrrr(a loooong post before bz with Raya celebration)..:P

Wednesday, September 08, 2010 Liyana Hanim 8 Comments

*Look,no stuffs on the bed!!*
*They organized all of my toiletries & accessories(and yeah,I drink green tea a lot!And that's Gingy&Fiona on top..hehe.)*--Hanna,I got ur Raya card!!(on the left!):))

Came back from work today and I was SHOCKED when I saw how CLEAN my room was and so super ORGANIZED.Only one name popped into my head,...MAMA!!!hehehe.

My mum came to grandma's hse today(which I'm staying at while in shah alam)with my 3 brothers and she saw the state of disarray that my room was in(actually it has never been organized at all..ahaha).

So she spent 4 HOURS with my youngest brother,Raffiq(who apparently was busy finding the other pair of all my of my earrings & managed to find em'--unbelievable!!ahaha)cleaning it and decluttering everything--3 huge garbage bag worth of stuff was thrown away...hehehe.They are just too cute!(hence the title):)

Lately been busy with work,baking cookies and stuffs=less sleep=more apparent eyebag.My mama complained and said that she's 47 but I have lines under my eyes..Never mind mama,when I'm rich,I'll get surgery done on it..bwahaha..

On the other hand,I'm so happy with the fact that I'm able to buy my mama baju raya!!hehe.And maybe if he's nice to me,my dad too..ahaha.My 3 brothers xpayah sbb mrk dh byk bju kot!:P..Plus ever since I've started working(been receiving my salary 3 times now=3 months),I gave each and everyone of them money each month.

Plus,I pay my car loan each month.I'm so proud to say that I'm independent now and doesn't depend on my parents for money anymore(at times it's hard lah..maybe that's why I'm losing weight?).

Oh,because of weight lost,stress & a lot of other things,suddenly I got my period TWICE in less than 30 days..WTF!!Wanted to see the doctor today since I got my medijaring card(free medical!!yeay!!) but went there & the damn clinic was closed for Raya..I need to figure out why suddenly my body is becoming this way..Usually I know exactly when my time of the month will come..really2 weird!

In my spare time,although I haven't watch tv in months,I've been watching one of my favorite,favorite Korean tv series,FULLHOUSE & bought the series recently for me to keep & watch whenever I want...Below is a pic of my favorite scene..:))..

He gave her lots of flowers & she kissed him on the cheek,out of the blue!!awwwww

Today break my fast with a workmate of mine & managed to finally finally eat the nasi briyani at Kayu Nasi Kandar after craving for it for sooo long,even before the fasting month!Sooo sedappp.But I could only eat quarter of it since we had to break our fast at A&W(onion rings + rootbeer float!) first since the place was packed when we went there after work.
*Don't be deceived by its simplicity--it's verryyy tasty!!!*

Bought a bunch of dvd's today--The Nanny Season 2(woohoo!),Date Night,Letters to Juliet,Camp Rock 2(lol!),Killers & Sex & The City 2!:))..Have a super great Raya everyone!!I can't wait to eat & eat & meet my relatives & look good!haha..

ALTHOUGH,I have to work on the 2nd day of Raya--the WHOLE day...:(..But,I get paid 3 times yo!!Oh,been eating chicken rendang for sahur & break fast a few days ago ever since my aunt cooked damn yummah!BYEEEEEEEEEEEE


Oh Colbie,wish I can write songs like u do..:)

Monday, September 06, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Listen to what Colbie says in the making vid about the meaning of the song...Exactly!:(

The Making of I Never Told You

I Never Told You video..T_T


From mama & ayah

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My parents gave me this card today..T_T

I have so many wishes for you.I want you to be safe,smart,cautious,and wise beyond your years.Don't grow up too fast.Come to me with your fears.Get your feet wet with new experiences,but never get in over your head.Realize how capable you are!Your possibilities are unlimited.You are loved beyond words,and I will love you beyond all time.So many treasures await you in your journey through life,and being blessed with you...has been mine.

To E,you'll still be in my prayers & I wish you the best in everything that you do.Fate brought us together & it also brought us apart and maybe someday,who knows,we'll crossed each other's path.