A bunch of reviews

Saturday, September 18, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Watched quite a few movies and read a book or two so hereby are my reviews on all of them.

1.Step Up 3d

Watched this movie during 2nd raya night with all of my siblings and my cousins.My first time going to Sunway after you know what...I find it hard to go to places that we used to go now..:(..But I’m getting better at coping with everything..

Now,I actually thought I wasn’t going to enjoy the movie because c’mon,as much as I love watching people dancing,not enough to watch it on 3D.BUT I was surprised when I ended up liking the movie!It was AWESOME and I was obsessed about it even when I got home..Love the songs,the dance moves,the cute guys..BUT the ‘love story’ part of the movie was just totally unnecessary and sooo cheesy!

I love all of the modern and hip hop dance but also the ballroom dance and the super duper cute dance between Moose and whats her name(sorry couldn’t remember!).Moose is my fave thing in the movie..he’s just soooo cute!!!I love love love the way he dressed.So preppy/geeky/cool chic!

2. Date Night

Tina Fey & Steve Carrel makes a great husband and wife team in this movie.Mark Walhberg appearance was just hilarious!I actually love the start of the movie.When their kids woke them up in the morning?*Sigh*..I love the game that they play everytime they go to a restaurant—the one where Tina’s character suss up the patrons.ahahah.

There were many funny moments in this movie but it didn’t really wow me.A great watch nonetheless.Way better than the other movie that I reviewed below.


Ah,I have to say I watched the movie to see the dynamic between Ashton & Katherine cos’ I’ve never watched them act together.And eh,this movie was just so-so.I am a fan of Ashton & watched almost all of his movies and yeah,he looks mighty fine in this movie but the storyline was just..eh.

If you are a fan of old movies(esp Audrey Hepburn’s),you’d remember that the hotel that they met at the start of the movie was actually the hotel showed at the star of the move Paris When It Sizzles..It’s still just as gorgeous as in the old days.

The ending was predictable because it was revealed who was the one who wanted to kill Ashton’s character midway through the movie if you were paying attention.But the idea that all of their friends and neighbours was all this while planning to kill him was like...oookay!And it’s annoying when they keep mentioning about Katherine’s huge knockers..like, we get it!

4.Camp Rock 2

Why the heck did I watch this movie again?It was really really really boring.Nuff said.

5.Sex and The City 2

I LOVE IT!The movie got mixed reviews when it came out but I thought it had everything a girl could want—fashion,friendship,romance and little bit of raunch..ahaha.I love the outrageous fashions and omg,although it was a gay wedding,I actually love the choir boys!

And how fun was it the whole Single Ladies dance by Liza Minelli? And omg,Abu Dhabi was just so luxurious and opulent!I love how politically corrent Miranda was about the customs and thus the viewers manage to know a bit about their culture.

I have to say,I cried during the part when Big came back to Carrie a few hours after she came back from Abu Dhabi.The lines are below..:((

Big:Walking around,killing time,torturing you.

Carrie:Well it worked.I actually thought you weren’t gonna come back

Big:Oh no,I’m a grown up.And I made a vow.Remember?

Maybe one day I'll find someone who stick around when I made a mistake..:(

6. Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

When I love a book that an author writes,I will keep buying ALL of their books everytime it comes out.Thus,I never miss any books that are written by Sophie,just as I never miss any book written by Frances Mayes(the most expensive so far,as I spend rm100 on 1 of her books!),Fannie Flagg and Annie Hawes.

Oooh,a promo at MPH now is that if you buy the UK cover of the book,you get a free makeup bag/purse with a strap..so cute & it fits all of my makeup!

I finished reading this book in 1 day & ½ .It was quick read and it was just as fun as her previous works(except for Twenties Girl which I didn’t enjoy!).Loyal fans of Becky’s escapades will love this book and we get to see her little daughter have grown up a bit and well,is a little spoiled.

There are many cringe-worthy moments and super funny ones in this book filled with of course,fabulous clothes,shoes & bags!:))..A very good read to take your mind off from the hectic real world as it is light and fun with a little bit of good fluff!


Must read a shopoholic book.... when I've time.