A change of color..:)

Sunday, September 26, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I know I know,I said I'd never color my hair..But since my parents give me the greenlight and plus it's my hair..I decided to do this..hehe.It's my FIRST time EVER coloring my hair and thanks to Liese,it was super2 easy to do!Just follow the instructions & in no time you'll have a brand new look.I was definitely ecstatic with the results & have bought hair-stuffs to protect my newly colored hair.

Oh,I had to buy 2 boxes since when I first tried it,the color was not that noticeable at the ends of my hair cos my hair is so thick.But it's only rm76(rm38 per box) so it's so worth it rather than blowing off your money at the salon when you can just easily do it yourself at home..:)

Got the Paramore tix!!C u guys there!:)

P/S:Recent Old Blossom Box Store splurge!!I love the wallet--FINALLY found a replacement for my old beat up one..hehe..It even has a hp compartment inside & it fits mine!!