Comelnyerrrrr(a loooong post before bz with Raya celebration)..:P

Wednesday, September 08, 2010 Liyana Hanim 8 Comments

*Look,no stuffs on the bed!!*
*They organized all of my toiletries & accessories(and yeah,I drink green tea a lot!And that's Gingy&Fiona on top..hehe.)*--Hanna,I got ur Raya card!!(on the left!):))

Came back from work today and I was SHOCKED when I saw how CLEAN my room was and so super ORGANIZED.Only one name popped into my head,...MAMA!!!hehehe.

My mum came to grandma's hse today(which I'm staying at while in shah alam)with my 3 brothers and she saw the state of disarray that my room was in(actually it has never been organized at all..ahaha).

So she spent 4 HOURS with my youngest brother,Raffiq(who apparently was busy finding the other pair of all my of my earrings & managed to find em'--unbelievable!!ahaha)cleaning it and decluttering everything--3 huge garbage bag worth of stuff was thrown away...hehehe.They are just too cute!(hence the title):)

Lately been busy with work,baking cookies and stuffs=less sleep=more apparent eyebag.My mama complained and said that she's 47 but I have lines under my eyes..Never mind mama,when I'm rich,I'll get surgery done on it..bwahaha..

On the other hand,I'm so happy with the fact that I'm able to buy my mama baju raya!!hehe.And maybe if he's nice to me,my dad too..ahaha.My 3 brothers xpayah sbb mrk dh byk bju kot!:P..Plus ever since I've started working(been receiving my salary 3 times now=3 months),I gave each and everyone of them money each month.

Plus,I pay my car loan each month.I'm so proud to say that I'm independent now and doesn't depend on my parents for money anymore(at times it's hard lah..maybe that's why I'm losing weight?).

Oh,because of weight lost,stress & a lot of other things,suddenly I got my period TWICE in less than 30 days..WTF!!Wanted to see the doctor today since I got my medijaring card(free medical!!yeay!!) but went there & the damn clinic was closed for Raya..I need to figure out why suddenly my body is becoming this way..Usually I know exactly when my time of the month will come..really2 weird!

In my spare time,although I haven't watch tv in months,I've been watching one of my favorite,favorite Korean tv series,FULLHOUSE & bought the series recently for me to keep & watch whenever I want...Below is a pic of my favorite scene..:))..

He gave her lots of flowers & she kissed him on the cheek,out of the blue!!awwwww

Today break my fast with a workmate of mine & managed to finally finally eat the nasi briyani at Kayu Nasi Kandar after craving for it for sooo long,even before the fasting month!Sooo sedappp.But I could only eat quarter of it since we had to break our fast at A&W(onion rings + rootbeer float!) first since the place was packed when we went there after work.
*Don't be deceived by its simplicity--it's verryyy tasty!!!*

Bought a bunch of dvd's today--The Nanny Season 2(woohoo!),Date Night,Letters to Juliet,Camp Rock 2(lol!),Killers & Sex & The City 2!:))..Have a super great Raya everyone!!I can't wait to eat & eat & meet my relatives & look good!haha..

ALTHOUGH,I have to work on the 2nd day of Raya--the WHOLE day...:(..But,I get paid 3 times yo!!Oh,been eating chicken rendang for sahur & break fast a few days ago ever since my aunt cooked damn yummah!BYEEEEEEEEEEEE


bareessence said...

haha..ini siyes comel..

and, yes, i can see the card!!!

(comel kan aku???hehe)

Yaya said...

hahaha. comel nye your mom. kalo my mom dah kena karate dah.,huu~

ps: jap na.. asal yaya x dpt. owh sedey~ :P

Anonymous said...

Just wanna wish u ---SELAMAT HARI RAYA... Have a wonderful and blessed one..:)

Selamat Hari Raya!

Selamat Hari Raya!

Li said...

hanna:thanks babe!!jap2 ko comel ke?ahhaha

Li said...

yaya:mak aq xreti karate.phew selamat!ahahaha

Li said...

ellen:btw love ur recent article in the paper on the shoe maker&of ur travels!i aspire to write things like that in years to come..:p.thank u for d raya wish!