Monday, September 13, 2010 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Life is getting quite better...You win some,you lose some..It's great to know that some people still find me attractive..I'm flattered but I think I need some time to heal and focus on me..

I still think about the good times we had and sometimes it's painful and hard because you remember certain things,gestures,touch...and it brings you down allover again.Currently I'm living with my family because I need them by my side..it's tough enough when your workmates,NONE of them,the female ones,are single..i'm not kidding!

1 of my friend is getting married soon,1 is going to be engage soon..And then,there's me...It's bad enough that most of my close friends are not in Shah Alam & I can only talk to them on the phone or through Facebook..:(

So I need to find activities that are healthy and that will make me happy..I need to meet new people and get out there.So I have a few plans up my sleeves..we'll see how it goes..

I do however,envision myself being a devoted wife to a wonderful husband and a mother to cherubic kids& feeding them good food everyday while their father clean up the house..ahaha--which is why I love to cook..i am practicing for the future actually..lol..Who knows,maybe there will be someone out there who will ultimately be able to handle me and accept me for me..:)..I'll never lose hope..

During the 2nd day of Raya,things start to look up..And 3rd & 4th of raya I was busy going from houses to houses,with relatives commenting on how thin I have become..yeah,right!I still could use to lose some more weight...I FINALLY took the courage to wear the misty grey contacts which I have put off for weeks because they look BLUE on me!ahaha..But I thought why not,I need a change anyway right?The picture of me in those contacts are below...

Oh,for the month of October,I thought of splurging on a pair of Black skinny pants from the GAP,you know from their new collection of different pairs of black pants OR Levi's new jeans with the 3 types of curve fit..

Because,the reason why I almost NEVER show my butt when I wear skinny jeans is because the fact that they are LOOSE on the waist but fit on my hips & everytime I sit down,they risk revealing my 'crack'...so I always make sure I wear tops that sits halfway on my hips,to cover them!

So I need those jeans & those pants too..so which one should I buy first?...plus there's the PARAMORE tickets that I need to buy..I soo need to budget my money better...:P


Anonymous said...

You're really pretty ! i love your hair btw. I have a question tho, where in the world did you get those contacts? I love them !

Liyana.H said...

hey thank u!man those contacts was a longggg time ago..have dispose em..haha..i don't even remember the brand name but i think it might be freshlook