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Tuesday, September 28, 2010 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

I was inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert words 2 years ago in the book Eat,Pray & Love(she bounce back from her fallout) and now it reminded me of the situation that I'm in.

A guy friend of mine remarked that I need to get use to my single life cos' although our relationship wasn't that long..still it was enough to make you forget that hey,you were fine being single before were consumed by it and now that it's over,you need to adjust your life again.

Oh,you can lie to yourself all you want,but you know deep down that nobody will ever love you like I did.That...I'm very sure off.:)

Here's a list of things that I want to do cos' now I have a bit more free time & more time to focus on ME!!

1)Cook and bake new recipes like Pineapple fried rice,sushi,more pies--I want to bake pumpkin or peach pie!!:)),cakes--I want to bake an awesome cheesecake for my mum!

2)Play baseball!!omg--I love the 'ping' sound of the bat!

3)Start saving money for Italy--I'm gonna go there 1 day!A guy that I was involved with years ago offered to bring me there for Christmas Holiday but I declined(man I shouldn't have!KIDDING!..sort of..:P)

4)Sell the clothes/shoes that I almost never wear!!hehe..

5)Get back in the dating game--though I'm not gonna rush into this since I'm still recovering & all..but if someone is truly genuine in getting to know me,then,why not right?

6)EXERCISE more!

7)Take care of my health better.

8)Stop buying unnecessary things--means clothes that I can wear many times..Not stuffed into the closet or wear only once or twice..:P

9)Go after what I want..hehe.

10)Work harder & earn more money!!:)

11)Make a point to relax every job is stressful enough.

12)Find the perfect white dress & black clogs(cos' the one tat I wear everyday to work is getting beat up!)

13)Start a bit on my Masters!!

Oh,listen to Faizal Tahir's newest single,'Hanyut'..I love this part & wish someone would realize about it..HAH!

"Aku memang bersalah
Selalu saja mengabaikan mu
Dan tapi dah ku sedari
Segala perit kau lalui
Ku terlupa kau terluka

Dan memang selalu
Aku bersalah
Selalu saja mengabaikan mu
Meninggalkan mu
Dan tetapi itulah aku sedari
Segala perit yang kau lalui
Kerna diriku yang terus hanyut"

Hurm..that's about it I guess..I'll update this list if there's anything else..:))

Nite peeps & sleep tight!xoxo


Anonymous said...

Like to try your cooking: Pineapple fried rice, sushi, pies, cheesecakes. Sound delicious...
Maybe U could own a restaurant one day.
Not a silent reader anymore.

Anonymous said...

if you are over him like you said, you will forgive him and never talk about him again. Clearly you are not cause you keep talking about him every single post. Yes i'm coward for being anonymous, but you are bitter.

Li said...

anon 1:yes,i wish i could own a restaurant too one day..:)

anon 2:like they say,although you forgive,you don't really forget.of course I haven't gotten over him yet cos'...duh,it's not even a month yet since i ended things..
-____-..but i'm trying too..really trying too..

for someone who finds it hard to love someone,it takes me a very long time to move on..and it's okay for u to judge me cos' ur not in my situation & u don't know the whole story..if what happened to me,happened to would be bitter too...

cos' you'd remember all the things he used to said & you keep thinking if all of it was true since from the moment we ended things,he has never contacted me at all..unlike me who made quite a few yeah,I am bitter cos' i'm HUMAN with a functioning HEART!:)