Making the most out of life

Saturday, September 25, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I'm sorry to say that people who are apathetic about life,are losers to me.Life is full of opportunities and we're suppose to make the most out of it.I am not one person to sit around and do nothing and just lepak2 every night.That is so not me.I find people who always lepak at mamak or anywhere like every night,doing nothing for hours is just wasting their time.But I do make a point to atleast reconnect with my friends and ex-students and others,atleast a few times in a month.

I am very independentI like earning my own money and have been doing so ever since I was a kid.Even back in uni,I'll make sure I'm making some money from a few part-time jobs every semester(READ THIS OOLDDDD POST OF MINE ABOUT MY PAST JOBS) so that I don't have to always rely on my parents whenever I want to buy something that I want(not need).If you spend a lot,you have to be able to work hard to earn a lot as well.

My parents never raise me with a silver spoon in my mouth..although some people might think it looks like it...but actually,there has been times when our family has been tested with financial matters but we persevered.My parents always instill in me to not 'susahkan orang'.Thus when I see people who sit on their laurels and just doesn't go out there and be proactive in life when they are healthy and can do so,it really annoys me.

I'm 23 years old and it's been 3 months since my parents have cut off my allowance.They don't give me money anymore.Not even duit raya..:(.Now I am learning to manage my own money.I have bills to pay and although it's a bit hard at first,now I feel a bit accomplish knowing that I am growing up and little by little,coming out of the cocoon that I was in.