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Wednesday, September 29, 2010 Liyana Hanim 6 Comments

Thanks to Adela,I have been to Old Blossom more frequently nowadays & getting more broke in the process..ahaha..But I can't help it because the stuff there is just too cute & pretty!:))

Tonight,she wanted to buy a dress there & I followed & ended up getting this gorgeous new cardy which is more expensive than her own dress..ahahaha.
But it's worth it cos' look at the pearl encrusted lace cardigan?Is anything more chic or preppy or Coco Chanel-esque cardigan in the world---okay I am exaggerating a bit,but it's just too divine NOT to buy that I just had to fork out rm75 for it..:))

Come to think of it I have bought A LOT of stuff from Old Blossom ever since it opened.List of things I bought there:

-A plastic cherry necklace(my 1st visit there with Izza during the SECOND day it was opened!)
-A ruffled top
-3 vintage belts
-A vintage clutch
-A pair bejeweled grey ballet flats
-The gorgeous green&black jeweled necklace
-A diamante bow pearl bracelet
-A black ruffled top with roses
-A white + blue sailor dress
-A blue leopard print wallet
-A lace & pearl cardigan

I hope one day,I can also open a store as cute as Old Blossom but with it's own cafe in it cos' I love to cook..hehe

Although the pic is a bit blurry,next up,I want this dress with a pearl neckline!!


Hello Shoppaholic! Please, please, drop me a note and tell me where's a good place to buy simple fans made from batik? Preferably an NGO thing so the money goes to charity!

Li said...

Ellen:R u going to Seksan on Saturday??I might be going..:)
Shopaholic?Moi?Okay,I'll try to scour places that sell batik fans & get back to u..i think they should have them at the central market?

Anonymous said...

Lovely pose! Drop dead gorgeous! U seem happier day by day. Good for U...keep it up, never give up.
Not a silent reader anymore. (an English Teacher)

Li said...

anon:ahaha..drop dead gorgeous?NOT!:p
Life is too short to just cry and cry and cry right?So i'm drying up my tears..:)

hurm..an english teacher?who can speak mandarin & was a teslian from 2002-2007??sape u ni ek??mcm nancy drew plak i..haha

Anonymous said...

Sorry coz make U feel like Nancy Drew haha...
I felt like Nancy Drew the 1st time I read your blog (even after I look at your pic&profile). Can't help thinking "sape budak nih? TESL jugak, tp mcm X pernah nampak kat TESL Square. Suddenly,I realize masa kat Sect17 dulu I just come to class,then balik, seldom lepak2 kat skool.
Not a silent reader anymore (now teaching in IPTA)

Li said...

huh how come u xnmpk i??i faymes kot kat fac!!bwahaha..kidding!
ish2..patot la..i join ethos,mpp,pmfp..sume la i join!:P