Moist yellow cake!

Sunday, October 31, 2010 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Today I felt like baking a cake & I have not done so in such a long time..Particularly because baking a cake is not an easy thing to do unlike baking cookies or brownies..It takes many steps and preparation in order to achieve the perfect end product.

Being the perfectionist that I am when it comes to baking or cooking,I had to find the right recipe for a yellow cake that I wanted to bake.It has to be moist and has been baked by others before with good reviews.

Just like the chocolate chip cookies I baked that my family and friends love,it took me about 3 or was it 4 recipes before I found the correct & perfect one.

Thus,I was over the moon when THIS recipe for a moist yellow cake turns out beautifully.It was moist & just so yummy!I had to bake it in a square pan instead of round ones because my mama had thrown them away since it has rusted(yep,like I said,I haven't bake a cake in a looong time!).

My advice,follow all the steps.Like alternating the flour with milk while mixing--start with flour,milk and repeat the steps until you end with flour.And wrapping the cake in saran wrap after it has cooled in the pan in order to lock in the moisture.I even bought a spray thingy to spray the sugar water on the cakes while assembling them.

Below are pictures of the whole process.:)


It's the weekend!

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Yesterday was a very productive day for me..Paid my convocation money,brought groceries,bought beads to sew & decorate on my bridesmaid outfit,visited my grandma & the best was--Old Blossom Box Store Prelove sale!!

I woke up around 10 am which was relatively early on a weekend for me..haha.The whole family has gone out & left me with no breakfast!hurmph!:(..Actually my mum did tell me about it the night before & even knocked on my door in the morning & asked me what time I was going out to which I replied groggily..ahaha.

Went to Shah Alam to Old Blossom Box Prelove sale with 4 of my friends & even brought some cookies that I baked for Jezmine cos' she's so nice & I always go to her shop!Although we came an hour after the sale started,lots of things were already gone & grabbed by the throngs of girls who were wayyy earlier than us!CRAZY!!!But I manage to buy 2 tops & 2 dresses for just rm72!!A steal!..:)...*UPDATED*--Jezmine blog about the event HERE & there's a pic of me!!:))*

My outfit for that day was inspired by the ever stylish Nicole Richie...Both the dress & jacket I bought at Sungei Wang--I've only been there 3 times in my 23 years of existence because,1.I don't like driving to KL.2.If I go there often I'll be broke!3.Some of the things there are tacky!

The belt & the bag & the hat(which I was just trying on) are from OBB!I even wore a diamante & pearl bracelet from OBB but had to take it off when I was trying the clothes..The watch I'm wearing is Crocodile Sapphire watch which was given to me by my dad since I was 15 years old--yep expensive watch lasts a loooong time!
Gonna wear all the things I bought below at OBB to work..I love the fact that my workplace has a casual dress code..But no leggings/sleeveless/mini skirts allowed though!So will layer some of the pieces with sensible cardigans & beside my office is super cold!

Today I woke up pretty 12pm yo!!ahahaha...Ate lunch soon after & the pic of my lunch is below--omg I love sambal tumis petai & daun selom!!Oh I can't eat sambal belacan with my ulam cos' I'm allergic to it & I don't like belacan pon..:P
Oooh,I've been drinking this lately..Fibre in a bottle??I'd drink to that..Even if it's a bunch of crap,it still taste good!:)

And something sexy to bright up your Sunday--Jared Leto,shirtless..yumm!;P.My favorite haircut of his so far..hehe

Okay,gonna go out & buy ingredients to bake a cake!:)


Home is where the heart is

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I don't know why but a lot of the Cerekarama on TV3 almost never fail in making me cry...Last night I watched Aku Ingin Ke Syurga which my mum apparently said was a repeat telecast.It made me sad,angry,scared and many other emotions.The part where they bathe the 'jenazah' was just really really chilling.


Although my family is not the typical normal family,we get along pretty well with each other and because of the upbringing of my parents,particularly my super strict dad,I am the way that I am.I am always at home & besides,my dad does not allow me to go out at night when I'm at home.It's a different case back when I live in an apartment with my friends in uni cos' my parents does not check up on me or when I live with my aunts,I can come back around 11 pm or if I go to a concert,they'll stretch the curfew until 12am....

But when I'm right under my parents watchful eye,don't even think that I can go out of the house at night..And you know what,although some people might find that,that is lame,I'm okay with that.

My parents have been providing me with lots of things for me at home so that I don't feel the need to go out .And I'm find with it.I do however have fun from time to time.But I know where to draw the line because I would not want to do anything that will embarrassed them.

And of course,I am closest with my mama.My dad is just well,strict and does not get me most of the time.With him it's no to this,no to that.He always uses the excuse that I am his only daughter..ALL THE TIME!And we get into quite a few sparring fights as in me talking back to him though I try not too cos' you'll never win with him!And I know2,it's bad but sometimes he gets on my nerves & thank God my mama will console me & remind me that,my dad is the way he is so I need to not worsen the situation & just keep quiet..

My mama is the one who knows EVERYTHING about my life.She knows a lot and she doesn't share everything with my dad cos' we have a secret pact.ahaha.She's cool on a lot of things & I can count on her to make things better because she always have a solution for anything..And even with my recent breakup,she gave me encouraging words instead of blaming me or him..what she said was,if it's meant to be,it will happen someday.:)

What's the point of this post?Well,I guess the drama Aku Ingin Ke Syurga touched something inside of me..The importance of family and to remember that a mother's prayer is very potent.So don't hurt her feelings!:)


Wonderful discovery+what's in your bag?

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I bought a bunch of magazines during lunch time at work a few days ago,along with Lauren Conrad's newest book--Sugar & Spice!In one of those magazines,this blog--PROUDDUCK,was featured in the monthly blogger column.I decided to check out her blog & I was hooked.

"Women who are positive, stylish and well-mannered. Women who speak their minds, but know there are times to just shut up and smile politely. Women who are career-minded just as much as they are domesticated(love this part cos' I'm a mix of domesticated/independent/conservative+modern). Women who love themselves and never forget to shave their legs or cut their nails. Women who appreciate the finer things in life, but still keep their feet firmly on the ground."-Vivy Yusof-

Regarding this quote--'Women who are career-minded just as much as they are domesticated'--I'm sure when people who doesn't know me will take a glance at me & the way I carry myself they might think I am not domesticated & am ultra modern and does not know my way in the kitchen.On the contrary,I love love cooking and's what the women in my family are good at among many other things..But I didn't get it from my mum since she doesn't like to cook though she does it everyday & she never bakes,ever!..ahaha.

Oh,back to Vivy--she is super smart(she did her spm & a-levelS, SIMULTANEOUSLY & got A's for EVERYTHING!)beautiful,stylish,is a devoted daughter and although she comes from a wealthy family,she does not seem affected by it,she is very close to her family(like me!),her relationship with her boyfriend of 4 years is just so sweet !Her blog became my bedtime story for these past few days..Thanks Vivy Yusof!:)

I love her blog because she blogs about things that I can identify with like the fact that she cannot pack light & in the end it's good cos' you'll be the supplier of things(it happened to me when I went to Tioman with my friends..ahaha.I bought lots of toiletries & clothes & my friends end up using/borrowing em'..hehe).I can so relate to her love for her hairdryer and duh,her hair in this POST!And she has an amazing SHOE COLLECTION!

Some of my other favorite posts from her are Once a Month, Spa Treatments,Make-up 101,Organising Accesories,Green Three,Love in Hyde Park,Lucky Girl and so many2 go & check out her blog!:)

Ooh,I was inspired by THIS post of hers & decided to blog about what I carry in my bag everyday..though not ALL the when I go out to buy stuffs,I usually just carry my purse..
Basically for my work bag,I have to have my makeup bag,my purse,tissues,sanitizer,comb,sunscreen(cos it takes me 30mins drive to work,40 mins if there's traffic),perfume lotion,hair serum(cos of my super cold workplace my hair gets dry!),hair clips/claws ,listerine & floss!

BUT,if I go shopping I'll just carry my comb,purse,makeup bag,serum & tissue--hurm,that's still a lot of stuffs innit?bwahahaha.Well,I like to be prepared!:P


Passed out!

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Due to lack of sleep these past few days...Tonight after work & dinner,I literally passed out & just woke up..hahaha.Didn't even bathe!BAD,I know!But I had a really good sleep & woke up to the picture below that a super lovely person made for me..Thanks so much Syaza Adela!!xoxox

Made chocolate pudding along with vege tempura for dinner!Pics of the luscious pudding is below & the recipe is HERE --reduced fat cos' it doesn't use eggs or full cream milk.
Ooh,am I high maintenance?Well,I guess I sort of am in the sense that I spend a lot of my OWN money on MYSELF & in making sure that I look good BUT even when I was in a relationship,I never ever ever ask money from my ex or ask him to buy gifts.He never gave me anything but love & that was fine & truly enough for me.

What wasn't was when he always put someone else ahead of me,almost all the time & didn't consider how I felt time & time again.Although I know he felt guilty & torn cos he told me about it a few times but saying & not doing anything about it it's just...well,it hurts.That's all I can say.

And,I love love buying gifts for my ex & he has quite a number of things from me..Funnily,I was not that generous with other guys in my life cos' like I said,I prefer to spend money on myself but with him,I wanted to give him everything & if I could,I would have.

That's just the way I am when I am in love I guess..I have this need to nurture the person I love..ahaha.I give stuffs without expecting anything in return cos I like giving things to people that I love because sometimes when you go out & saw something that made you think of them & coincidentally you have the money,you just had to buy it for them.:)

I remembered my ex saying that it wasn't hard to take care of me & compared to the other girlfriends of his friends,I was the least high maintenance cos' I never bothered him.To me,he doesn't have to give me stuffs or money...even on my birthday,when he didn't give me anything(but he treated me to a dinner,& his friend cooked for us cos he's a chef at that place)& we tend to go Dutch when we go out & it was fine by me because what mattered the most was how the person made you FEEL.It's not about what stuffs he GIVES you.

For someone who has a lot & has been given a lot by her parents,what I need most from a guy isn't gifts or money,it's attention,affection & of course,most importantly unconditional love.:)

So yeah,I might be high maintenance,but I 'maintain' everything myself.:)

Ooh,on Monday,system was down at work the WHOLE day so didn't get anything done & instead surf the net & purchase my FIRST item from an international shopping site--HERE.

Currently I am wearing 3 diff perfumes which I alternate according to my moods but my fave,Paul Smith Rose has already finish(the other 2 is D&G 18 La Lune & Paco Rabbane Ultra Red..SAD!!Soooo,I had a wift of the perfume below in the November issue of Instyle(never miss a single issue since I was 15 years old--doesn't matter that it's rm18 per issue..used to be rm25 & I still bought it!),it smells amazing & I WANT IT!!

Gonna buy it using my next pay next month as a graduation gift for myself--yes my convocation is in a few more weeks...Can't wait!Though it's bittersweet cos' I wish he was there on my big day(I remembered when he said he was going to buy me for something for my graduation..sigh..I do miss you,you know?)

And,I have to go to my company annual dinner although a lot of my friends are ditching it but somehow I have to go..damn!I guess it'll be fun since it will be held at Sunway convention center BUT the theme is BOLLYWOOD & I have no freaking idea what to wear & I sooo don't want to fork out a lot of money for something that I'll wear just for that night..sigh..Plus,it's on a weekday night!I have to think about what to wear cos' it's in less than 2 weeks!

Okay,gonna brush my teeth & wash my face(too late to bathe now!) & continue sleeping...zzzzzzz


There are no ugly girls,only lazy ones..

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I saw the quote which is the title of this blog a few days ago & I thought to myself,it is very true.This of course applies to how a girl take care of herself,appearance-wise.I am not saying you should pile on the makeup but a little bit does go a long way.Most of the time,a lot of girls out there who does not take care of their appearance,actually just don't know how or worse,just can't be bothered!*gasp*

My mum always emphasize on looking presentable and not giving others an eyesore.haha.She definitely does not wear much makeup but she always make sure that she looks neat.
I mean,if you can enhance your looks using certain products,why not?It's not like it's plastic surgery!I for one,love love love buying and trying new beauty products out there.I have different scrubs,lotions and creams for almost every single part of my body.

I only get an occasional zit or two a week or days before the time of the month.And I never never ever let my hair feels like wires or looked like one..euuughhh!It is almost always soft and manageable & I can run my fingers freely through it.

The trick is to ALWAYS condition after you shampoo your hair & try to put a deep conditioning mask on for more than 10 mins atleast twice a week.Use a serum before & after you blow dry your hair.

For my face, I never,never,go to bed without washing my face & doing the three step--wash,tone & moisturize..:)And,scrub your face atleast twice a week too & put on a mud/whitening mask once every 2 weeks or once a week.

The pictures below are some of the stuffs I use for my face & hair..:)..And yeah,a few brands dominates here--Neutrogena,Olay,Clairol & The Body Shop(crazy about their amazing Spa Africa!)!

But then again,it does not mean that you have to fork out a lot of money just to keep up with others.I have tried a lot of beauty tips using stuffs that you can get from the kitchen from books & magazines & they do work!Below is a book that I found with my bestie Izza a few years back at at Payless bookstore warehouse sale( we can spend hours & hundreds of ringgit there!).

To get rid of the occasional dandruff
Sometimes when I get stressed out,I will get flakes on my head & it seems so wasteful to go & buy a bottle of dandruff shampoo since I won't wear it everyday!Thus,I got this wonderful tip that WORKS from a hairstylist for the cast of FRIENDS.

*Tips**Mix 1 part of mouthwash with 8 parts of water.Pour over your hair,massage over the flaky part& let it sit for about 5-10 mins & then rinse your hair.

To purify your face
Chopped some mint leaves & lemon peels & put into a big bowl..Pour hot water over it..let it sit for 1-2 mins.Cover your hair with towel & then use another towel to cover your face while you steam it over the bowl..:)

Natural body scrub
I do this from time to time because it does make your skin super smooth!

Fry some glutinous rice(beras pulut) in a pan,dry until it turns brown.And then put them in the blender & blend until consistency of a powder & mix them with tamarind juice until forming a paste.Scrub your body with this mixture once or twice a week & see the difference!:)

To lessen those pesky dark circles
Cut slices of potatoes & put them over your eyes.Believe me,it works!I have read lots of beauty articles and a lot of them recommend this method.

Soft foot soak
Add a few tablespoon of baking soda(natrium bicarb) NOT baking powder,to a bowl of warm water & soak your feet for 10-15 mins & then rinse.You won't believe how it softens your feet!

So girls,don't be lazy with your looks!Besides,don't you want to age gracefully?:)


Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza!

Monday, October 25, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Who does not love cheese right?And most importantly,who does not love a good slice of pizza?For years and years,many Malaysians have been eating the delicious pizza’s from Pizza Hut.

And year after year they will continue to come up with new variations for their menu and enticing our taste buds,on a budget,nonetheless!If I had the time and money to make my own pizza every week,I would.But life is hectic and lets face it,ingredients for a good pizza,particularly the cheese,is expensive!

Now,Pizza Hut has introduce a brand new pizza which has not one,not two,not three...but SIX type of cheese as toppings!Remember that line that Macaulay Culkin uttered in Home Alone--‘A lovely cheese pizza just for me’?hehe.We have not had a true blue cheese pizza that comes out in the market for a long time.

Time and time again,the pizza that we ate here in Malaysia only had mozzarella cheese on top.With the new Extreme Cheese 6 Pizza,we can now taste mozzarella along with parmesan,romano, cheddar, provolone and Monterey Jack!Look at the cheese overload below!!

It’s a great deal because cheese are not cheap at the supermarket & you get 6 kinds on a pizza for less than rm50?Insane!!Plus,if you are a Maybankard/American Express card holder,you will get 30% if you order the pizza ala carte,which I did!:)

So to my dear readers,go out and get yourself a delicious slice of Extreme Cheese 6 Pizza now!You can also order online by clicking HERE!

*Hey!!I am eating!!:P*

And now that I have ate the pizza,I can say--“I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!”:))



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I was drafting a pretty long post about skincare & haircare that I can go on and on and on about.But I want to do it right,with pictures & everything but I have no time.So I'll try to blog about it sometime later this week..

Baked like mad today & I just love love baking & cooking..the cleaning up after process,not so much!But,I have to do so cos' xkan la semua mama nak buat kan?Ececeh..semakin dewasa sekarang saya ni..:)
Baked tons of choc chip cookies & couldn't resist eating a few & even baked some for my brothers.Sadly my brother Haziq left for Johor in the morning(I bake in the afternoon,cos' that's when I'm awake..ahaha)so he didn't manage to ate any..sorry bro!

Yesterday after work(clocked in some overtime!),I managed to go to Old Blossom Box Store(it's a weekly staple..I tend to buy one or two items from there in a week..hehe) & bought this super cute dress,below..It's made out of cotton which a beautiful lace in front(which is soo in fashion right now!) on the bottomw & I love the shape & the billowy sleeves..Loves!

I had vege tempura yesterday,which I made on my own..eggplant,sweet potato & onions..yummmm!!I love love the dipping sauce--a combo of vinegar,soy sauce,water & sugar..simple & mouth water just thinking about it!haha

Tomorrow is work!bahhh!Got to pay the bills somehow right?BUT,I got a few projects up my sleeves..hopefully I will follow through on in & not chickened out..hahah


Marchesa Resort & Spring RTW 2011 collection

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I don't know how many times I have blogged about Marchesa's.Past blog posts about them CLICK HERE!I just adore their clothes..Maybe one day if I am successful enough,I can buy one of their dresses on my own.And not only Georgina Chapman is gorgeous & stylish but she is also supremely talented in designing amazing clothes!

Below are a few pics of the clothes that I love from their Resort and also Spring RTW(Ready to wear) 2011 collection!


For a pessimist,I'm pretty optimistic..

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Morning peeps!Off to work & then maybe just maybe,will drop at Old Blossom for the pre love sale!:))

Btw,this is how I feel about a certain someone..> <..And yeah,the Paramore fever haven't died down yet..ever!!woohooooo!!!

Just talk yourself up and tear yourself down
You've hit your one wall, now find a way around
Well, what's the problem? You've got a lot of nerve

C:So what did you think I would say?
No, you can't run away, no, you can't run away
So what did you think I would say?
No, you can't run away, no, you can't run away
You wouldn't

I never wanted to say this
You never wanted to stay
I put my faith in you, so much faith
And then you just threw it away
You threw it away

I'm not so naive, my sorry eyes can see
The way you fight shy of almost everything
Well, if you give up, you'll get what you deserve

So what did you think I would say?
No, you can't run away, no, you can't run away
So what did you think I would say?
No, you can't run away, no, you can't run away
You wouldn't


You were finished long before
We had even seen the start
Why don't you stand up? Be a man about it
Fight with your bare hands about it now

I never wanted to say this
You never wanted to stay, well did you?
I put my faith in you, so much faith
And then you just threw it away

I never wanted to say this
You never wanted to stay
I put my faith in you, so much faith
And then you just threw it away


Splurge day..sort of!:P

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Today is a great day cos' I got paid!hehe..Bought a few stuffs here and there..:)

Went out with my mum & brothers after work today & now I am super sleepy!Got to go to work tomorrow--man am I hardworking--bwahaha.

On Monday,it's Mask day at work..ahaha.Still contemplating whether I should wear a mask or not..huhu.On Tuesday it's Sports Attire--like..urghhh..I sooo don't do that!ahaha

Splurge on toiletries cos'I love them!I have a huuuuggeeee bag of beauty products..Not that I use all of em' but I just love love buying new beauty products!

Today bought 2 new products from The Body Shop--The Rainforest Radiance shampoo for colored hair & the new Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo..:))

And a bunch of stuffs from Watson(got points through my Watson card!) & Guardian(cos' some stuffs are only available there.Nampak sikit je tp total semua brg2 kecantikan-- rm300..aiyoooo!

Tomorrow have to clock in OT at work & have to bake lots of choc chip cookies cos' my workmates keep ordering them..:))

And ooh,I just can't resist the cuuutteee bag at Old Blossom Box Store & pick em' up 2day..hehe..I bought those 2 ori cd's of Aizat & Faizal Tahir today because I haven't done so in a looong time & I just felt like supporting the local music industry..:P

Oh,I keep going back and forth over something..Sometimes I feel I am being stupid,sometimes I just want to go for it...But most of the time,it's hard to deny how heartless somebody can be especially when people keeps pointing it out to you although you try so hard to find reasons to defend said person..Thus,at times I don't have the strength anymore & just want to let it be.So yeah,like the Beatles said..'Let it be..'.


Workplace is fun,the stress is not!

Thursday, October 21, 2010 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Although my work is very stressful cos' I deal with priority customers,the rich and the famous,the fuss pots & many more,my workplace is a pretty cool place to work in.Like what was told to me back during the interview at my faculty months ago,they try to make the workplace akin to what Google is doing in the States.Thus we have amenities like an entertainment room,gym,cafe,and many other things.

Some days we have themes for our Dress Down Day like once there was a Hawaiian theme,or the dress up your headgear day & tomorrow's theme is colorful.The dress code at my workplace is smart casual.We can wear whaetever we want as long as it is not sleeveless or too sexy...Jeans are allowed,dresses,polo's..yada2...

This week is Game Week.Whereby each departments have to create fun fair like games so everybody can walkabout and participate in each games & earn PRIZES!For my department we have about 3 games& I tried one of them which was Limbo rock!Where in Malaysia do you have a work place that suddenly has a limbo rock going on next to your respective desks?

My department is in the same floor with Credit Card & Banking & they have different games as well.Banking have basketball & 3 other games & Credit Card had this ball throwing into hoops game & some others..People were throwing ping pong & takraw balls while working...And the whole place is covered in balloons & confetti!It definitely cheered me up!!:))


Never let this go-Paramore

Thursday, October 21, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

One of my fave songs from them..:)


Welcome to the family!

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The title was the line that Hayley uttered to us last night at Paramore Live In KL!!!It was hella of a good time..I sang and scream my lungs out and my hair was all over the place..ahaha

When I was 19 years old,this guy that I was pretty close with was obssesed with Hayley Williams & he will always make such a big hype about it on Friendster(ahaha..soo don't have an account there anymore!).Because he made such a big hype about it,I just didn't even want to know who Paramore was.Fast forward to a year later,my friend Tatie played a couple of their songs while I slept over at her place & I was instantly hooked!After that,my affair with Paramore songs began...

I don't think there was ever a time in a week whereby I didn't listen to their songs..My friends and I love them.I identified with some of their songs and played their cds over and over again while driving.

I was super estatic when they came to Malaysia & there was no FREAKING WAY I was going to miss the concert.No way!!!!So I bought the tickets weeks before & although last night the sound system was pretty off at times but since I sat right behind the rock zone(the 268 seats),there was no problem in hearing the band..

I sang to almost all of the songs & screamed my lung out during Emergency,Pressure,Misery Business(the last track & my fave track!!!),Decode,Crush x3,Ignorance,& many2 more..Got all emotional during The Only Exception..T_T...I was so happy when they played 'When it rains'..though I was a bit disappointed that they didn't play Fences or Let the flames begingone of my fave song too!).

Overall,I love it & hopefully they'll come back in years to come & rock on again!:))