Sunday, October 24, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

I was drafting a pretty long post about skincare & haircare that I can go on and on and on about.But I want to do it right,with pictures & everything but I have no time.So I'll try to blog about it sometime later this week..

Baked like mad today & I just love love baking & cooking..the cleaning up after process,not so much!But,I have to do so cos' xkan la semua mama nak buat kan?Ececeh..semakin dewasa sekarang saya ni..:)
Baked tons of choc chip cookies & couldn't resist eating a few & even baked some for my brothers.Sadly my brother Haziq left for Johor in the morning(I bake in the afternoon,cos' that's when I'm awake..ahaha)so he didn't manage to ate any..sorry bro!

Yesterday after work(clocked in some overtime!),I managed to go to Old Blossom Box Store(it's a weekly staple..I tend to buy one or two items from there in a week..hehe) & bought this super cute dress,below..It's made out of cotton which a beautiful lace in front(which is soo in fashion right now!) on the bottomw & I love the shape & the billowy sleeves..Loves!

I had vege tempura yesterday,which I made on my own..eggplant,sweet potato & onions..yummmm!!I love love the dipping sauce--a combo of vinegar,soy sauce,water & sugar..simple & mouth water just thinking about it!haha

Tomorrow is work!bahhh!Got to pay the bills somehow right?BUT,I got a few projects up my sleeves..hopefully I will follow through on in & not chickened out..hahah


Anonymous said...

The dress makes U an angel...simply white and gorgeous. Perhaps you should buy a pair of wings too eventhough it coldn't makes U fly.
A Mysterious Stranger.