Hari cuti yang tak berape cuti..:P

Friday, October 15, 2010 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Today was suppose to be my off day from work..At my workplace,one has to plot their leave months before..So today,my leave from work was suppose to be for a special occasion which would have happened 2mrw, which should not even be remembered anymore actually..ahaha..

----------------------A new chapter--------------------------:))

Today was super tired went out from morning till 5 something in the evening which meant that it would have been just the same as me being in the office..ahaha

Am super sleepy..will sleep straight after Isyak & then wake up a few hours later to make caramel for the neighbour lil daughter's b'day party 2mrw & bake apple pies & cookies too..it will be a SWEET FEST!:p

I'll leave you with pictures of what transpired today...

Had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market & treated my mum & lil bro cos' I haven't done that since working--as in,belaja them makan laaaa...of course I give allowance to my brothers..:))
Since I'm allergic to seafood,ate the button mushrooms & fries & fish(fish is okay!).Went there cos' my lil brother,Raffiq is a very very picky eater & he loves the mussels there(pic below).

Went a bit crazy at Daisho store..I swear that once I get my pay I want to spend atleast 100 there on baking equipment cos they're so cute!
Oh Cotton On Kids stuffs is just soo cute!I love em'..Sigh..When I have my own children,I will dress them up in the prettiest(for the girls laa,the boys will look so macho!hahaha) clothes..hehe.
Bought a pair of flats which I just love & also a pair of sandals for mama(see,I didn't shop just for me!) cos' she needs one!hehe
Gonna sleep for only a few hours & get back to the kitchen...I love making food!!:)


Tun said...


Li said...

sibok je!!haha

Adela Tahir said...

Ala jealous you beli baju dekat Jezmine. Treat me one ! I am officially broke ;[

Li said...

ahaha..u comment kat post slh ni..:)
i treat u??i broke also kot!!
tunggu la jumaat ni we go to old blossom again!:))