Home is where the heart is

Sunday, October 31, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I don't know why but a lot of the Cerekarama on TV3 almost never fail in making me cry...Last night I watched Aku Ingin Ke Syurga which my mum apparently said was a repeat telecast.It made me sad,angry,scared and many other emotions.The part where they bathe the 'jenazah' was just really really chilling.


Although my family is not the typical normal family,we get along pretty well with each other and because of the upbringing of my parents,particularly my super strict dad,I am the way that I am.I am always at home & besides,my dad does not allow me to go out at night when I'm at home.It's a different case back when I live in an apartment with my friends in uni cos' my parents does not check up on me or when I live with my aunts,I can come back around 11 pm or if I go to a concert,they'll stretch the curfew until 12am....

But when I'm right under my parents watchful eye,don't even think that I can go out of the house at night..And you know what,although some people might find that,that is lame,I'm okay with that.

My parents have been providing me with lots of things for me at home so that I don't feel the need to go out .And I'm find with it.I do however have fun from time to time.But I know where to draw the line because I would not want to do anything that will embarrassed them.

And of course,I am closest with my mama.My dad is just well,strict and does not get me most of the time.With him it's no to this,no to that.He always uses the excuse that I am his only daughter..ALL THE TIME!And we get into quite a few sparring fights as in me talking back to him though I try not too cos' you'll never win with him!And I know2,it's bad but sometimes he gets on my nerves & thank God my mama will console me & remind me that,my dad is the way he is so I need to not worsen the situation & just keep quiet..

My mama is the one who knows EVERYTHING about my life.She knows a lot and she doesn't share everything with my dad cos' we have a secret pact.ahaha.She's cool on a lot of things & I can count on her to make things better because she always have a solution for anything..And even with my recent breakup,she gave me encouraging words instead of blaming me or him..what she said was,if it's meant to be,it will happen someday.:)

What's the point of this post?Well,I guess the drama Aku Ingin Ke Syurga touched something inside of me..The importance of family and to remember that a mother's prayer is very potent.So don't hurt her feelings!:)