Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza!

Monday, October 25, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Who does not love cheese right?And most importantly,who does not love a good slice of pizza?For years and years,many Malaysians have been eating the delicious pizza’s from Pizza Hut.

And year after year they will continue to come up with new variations for their menu and enticing our taste buds,on a budget,nonetheless!If I had the time and money to make my own pizza every week,I would.But life is hectic and lets face it,ingredients for a good pizza,particularly the cheese,is expensive!

Now,Pizza Hut has introduce a brand new pizza which has not one,not two,not three...but SIX type of cheese as toppings!Remember that line that Macaulay Culkin uttered in Home Alone--‘A lovely cheese pizza just for me’?hehe.We have not had a true blue cheese pizza that comes out in the market for a long time.

Time and time again,the pizza that we ate here in Malaysia only had mozzarella cheese on top.With the new Extreme Cheese 6 Pizza,we can now taste mozzarella along with parmesan,romano, cheddar, provolone and Monterey Jack!Look at the cheese overload below!!

It’s a great deal because cheese are not cheap at the supermarket & you get 6 kinds on a pizza for less than rm50?Insane!!Plus,if you are a Maybankard/American Express card holder,you will get 30% if you order the pizza ala carte,which I did!:)

So to my dear readers,go out and get yourself a delicious slice of Extreme Cheese 6 Pizza now!You can also order online by clicking HERE!

*Hey!!I am eating!!:P*

And now that I have ate the pizza,I can say--“I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!”:))


Anonymous said...

Crazy for cheese, U remind me of mice. I just had 2 slice of really cheap but delicious Pizza bought from Bdr Baru Salak Tinggi,Sepang Night Market. RM 15 for regular size Pizza...the bread is really soft,simple but tasty toppings. It makes me forget about Pizza Hut, Dominos & blablabla expensive branded Pizza.
A Mysterious Stranger.