It's the weekend!

Sunday, October 31, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Yesterday was a very productive day for me..Paid my convocation money,brought groceries,bought beads to sew & decorate on my bridesmaid outfit,visited my grandma & the best was--Old Blossom Box Store Prelove sale!!

I woke up around 10 am which was relatively early on a weekend for me..haha.The whole family has gone out & left me with no breakfast!hurmph!:(..Actually my mum did tell me about it the night before & even knocked on my door in the morning & asked me what time I was going out to which I replied groggily..ahaha.

Went to Shah Alam to Old Blossom Box Prelove sale with 4 of my friends & even brought some cookies that I baked for Jezmine cos' she's so nice & I always go to her shop!Although we came an hour after the sale started,lots of things were already gone & grabbed by the throngs of girls who were wayyy earlier than us!CRAZY!!!But I manage to buy 2 tops & 2 dresses for just rm72!!A steal!..:)...*UPDATED*--Jezmine blog about the event HERE & there's a pic of me!!:))*

My outfit for that day was inspired by the ever stylish Nicole Richie...Both the dress & jacket I bought at Sungei Wang--I've only been there 3 times in my 23 years of existence because,1.I don't like driving to KL.2.If I go there often I'll be broke!3.Some of the things there are tacky!

The belt & the bag & the hat(which I was just trying on) are from OBB!I even wore a diamante & pearl bracelet from OBB but had to take it off when I was trying the clothes..The watch I'm wearing is Crocodile Sapphire watch which was given to me by my dad since I was 15 years old--yep expensive watch lasts a loooong time!
Gonna wear all the things I bought below at OBB to work..I love the fact that my workplace has a casual dress code..But no leggings/sleeveless/mini skirts allowed though!So will layer some of the pieces with sensible cardigans & beside my office is super cold!

Today I woke up pretty 12pm yo!!ahahaha...Ate lunch soon after & the pic of my lunch is below--omg I love sambal tumis petai & daun selom!!Oh I can't eat sambal belacan with my ulam cos' I'm allergic to it & I don't like belacan pon..:P
Oooh,I've been drinking this lately..Fibre in a bottle??I'd drink to that..Even if it's a bunch of crap,it still taste good!:)

And something sexy to bright up your Sunday--Jared Leto,shirtless..yumm!;P.My favorite haircut of his so far..hehe

Okay,gonna go out & buy ingredients to bake a cake!:)


Donut said...

Saje je ko letak gmba no 7 tu kan? aishhhhh