K-Pop crazy again--Big Bang & 2NE1

Sunday, October 17, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Early this year I was bitten by the K-Pop wave when I watched Big Bang peformed on tv..Previously I was only a fan of Korean tv series but never the music.But after watching Big Bang performed live on a Korean awards show,I was hooked & became obssessed with T.O.P from Big Bang.I became fans of 2NE1 when they collaborated with Big Bang on the song Lollipop.

Today I suddenly wanted to watch new 2NE1 video's which made me watched new Big Bang videos as well.I love 2NE1 because they have real hot looking bodies(ie not usual Korean stick thin) & they dress & dance with an EDGE & they look TOUGH!Super cool!

Below are a few videos of 2NE1 & Big Bang( I have blogged about them in a post a looong time ago,so don't feel like elaborating much further how great they are but do listen to songs like Haru Haru,A good man,Forever with you & Lies).

One of my fave 2NE1 song!:)

Taeyang 'Wedding Dress'--my bestie Izza saw him in Seoul & apparently he's a very nice chap!

T.O.P!Damn it he's sooo dapper!Loves it!!:))

2NE1--they're hot!

Big Bang altogether!

They're so cool!!!