Looking forward to list

Saturday, October 02, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

In life we need to be self-motivated because almost everything is stressful nowadays.It's bad enough that I have to juggle work & studies & I almost have no time for fun at times..Thus,I have to plot my day out with friends days in advance..Sad innit?

Well,welcome to the REAL WORLD people!It's part and parcel of being a grown up and having responsibilities.I'm the eldest out of 4 siblings & my parents expect a lot from me.I almost have no time to laze around except the weekends and even then at times I have to go to work...sigh.

Thus,I always tend to have a list of things to look forward too..because it really helps knowing that there will be better days to come.I know at times things don't go according to plan,but that does not mean we should give up or lose hope.

My work,truthfully,is very stressful.A lot of my colleagues get sick almost every week because of the immense stress that we have to deal with.So far,4 out of 10 of my friends that came into the work with me,have quit!

We deal with different customers depending on our department.I am in the American Express department & we deal with priority customers--the one who holds big accounts..platinum charge card/credit cards & they can be very very demanding.

The pay is of course,good.But at times it makes you want to scream out loud or knock your head on the table..which I have done quite a few times out of frustration!

Okaaaay...on to my looking forward to list!!

1)PARAMORE CONCERT!!!wooohooooo!!The best thing,it falls on my annual leave---yeahhh!

2)One of my bestfriend's wedding & I'm one of the bridesmaids--can't wait to find my outfit for it..:))--Oh,cannot lebih menyerlah dr pengantin!Must keep that in mind..hehe.

3)My CONVOCATION!!!wahhhhhhhhhhh...I will officially graduate with a B.Ed in TESL..:)

4)My friend Zi's engagement ceremony!!Congrats babe!:))

5)A trip somewhere peaceful with a few friends...Cameron maybe?Or even Ulu Yam would be okay..ahaha

6)Opening up a blogshop perhaps?Cos' I love fashion & I have friends who can model for me...:)

7)A fun photoshoot where we can let our creativity run wild!wooohooo

8)Getting into shape--after losing a bit of weight recently..I'm looking forward to tone my body--must.hit.the.gym.at.work!

9)Learn how to sew using a sewing machine(I can sew by hand only!) so that I can create my own dresses..:)

10)Experiment with more recipes--so far have only tried one new recipe--Vege Tempura--more to come!Maybe a cheesecake for my mama?

Okay people,remember to live your life to the fullest..After all,we only get one life to live...:)