Wednesday, October 20, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Blogging from the workplace.Haven't been able to go online for 2 days!warghhh!Will update with a few posts today..The Paramore concert was awesome aside from the sucky sound system..Can't believe the band whose songs that I have been listening to all this while during uni time,the songs that I sang & memorize the lyrics too,and the ones that I listen to a lot while driving & angry...ahaha..The songs that my friends & I like Izza,Tatie & Ella sang to while in the car or at their houses.

Man,last night sure brought a lot of memories and a lot of my friends were there although we bought different tickets so we didn't get to sit with each other which was a bit sad cos while I was screaming to the songs,they weren't next to me..ahh the perils of being busy with our lives now...

Izza bought the rock zone tix along with Ella.While Tatie,Nad & Acad & a bunch of my seniors bought the rm98 tix.I was at the rm268 seats with my friends.It was AWESOME & I was jumping up & down singing to all the songs that I know by heart.After the show all of us meet up & we were drenched in sweat..ahaha.Will update more tonight!!:)