Passed out!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 Liyana Hanim 8 Comments

Due to lack of sleep these past few days...Tonight after work & dinner,I literally passed out & just woke up..hahaha.Didn't even bathe!BAD,I know!But I had a really good sleep & woke up to the picture below that a super lovely person made for me..Thanks so much Syaza Adela!!xoxox

Made chocolate pudding along with vege tempura for dinner!Pics of the luscious pudding is below & the recipe is HERE --reduced fat cos' it doesn't use eggs or full cream milk.
Ooh,am I high maintenance?Well,I guess I sort of am in the sense that I spend a lot of my OWN money on MYSELF & in making sure that I look good BUT even when I was in a relationship,I never ever ever ask money from my ex or ask him to buy gifts.He never gave me anything but love & that was fine & truly enough for me.

What wasn't was when he always put someone else ahead of me,almost all the time & didn't consider how I felt time & time again.Although I know he felt guilty & torn cos he told me about it a few times but saying & not doing anything about it it's just...well,it hurts.That's all I can say.

And,I love love buying gifts for my ex & he has quite a number of things from me..Funnily,I was not that generous with other guys in my life cos' like I said,I prefer to spend money on myself but with him,I wanted to give him everything & if I could,I would have.

That's just the way I am when I am in love I guess..I have this need to nurture the person I love..ahaha.I give stuffs without expecting anything in return cos I like giving things to people that I love because sometimes when you go out & saw something that made you think of them & coincidentally you have the money,you just had to buy it for them.:)

I remembered my ex saying that it wasn't hard to take care of me & compared to the other girlfriends of his friends,I was the least high maintenance cos' I never bothered him.To me,he doesn't have to give me stuffs or money...even on my birthday,when he didn't give me anything(but he treated me to a dinner,& his friend cooked for us cos he's a chef at that place)& we tend to go Dutch when we go out & it was fine by me because what mattered the most was how the person made you FEEL.It's not about what stuffs he GIVES you.

For someone who has a lot & has been given a lot by her parents,what I need most from a guy isn't gifts or money,it's attention,affection & of course,most importantly unconditional love.:)

So yeah,I might be high maintenance,but I 'maintain' everything myself.:)

Ooh,on Monday,system was down at work the WHOLE day so didn't get anything done & instead surf the net & purchase my FIRST item from an international shopping site--HERE.

Currently I am wearing 3 diff perfumes which I alternate according to my moods but my fave,Paul Smith Rose has already finish(the other 2 is D&G 18 La Lune & Paco Rabbane Ultra Red..SAD!!Soooo,I had a wift of the perfume below in the November issue of Instyle(never miss a single issue since I was 15 years old--doesn't matter that it's rm18 per issue..used to be rm25 & I still bought it!),it smells amazing & I WANT IT!!

Gonna buy it using my next pay next month as a graduation gift for myself--yes my convocation is in a few more weeks...Can't wait!Though it's bittersweet cos' I wish he was there on my big day(I remembered when he said he was going to buy me for something for my graduation..sigh..I do miss you,you know?)

And,I have to go to my company annual dinner although a lot of my friends are ditching it but somehow I have to go..damn!I guess it'll be fun since it will be held at Sunway convention center BUT the theme is BOLLYWOOD & I have no freaking idea what to wear & I sooo don't want to fork out a lot of money for something that I'll wear just for that night..sigh..Plus,it's on a weekday night!I have to think about what to wear cos' it's in less than 2 weeks!

Okay,gonna brush my teeth & wash my face(too late to bathe now!) & continue sleeping...zzzzzzz


missyonne said...


i like this.

i know how it feels.



i really like this.


Anonymous said...

Well be as gorgeous as U, it is understandable to spend for such purpose.
No offense, it's just my personal opinion. As a guy, there are some possibility that I might be sharing some common unexplainable thought with your ex...should I called it "loophole" when we dealing with people's especially in a relationship, it's probably occur between one's principles and others' acceptance. I've been through the situation, I'm just lucky when the problem solve.
A Mysterious Stranger.

Li said...

teddy:ahahaha..i pon time uitm mcm tu & now time keje pon mcm tuh..aiyaakkk

mysterious stranger:me+gorgeous?ahaha..thanks!
wadya mean u share unexplainable thought with my ex??EXPLAIN PLZ!haha
What loophole exactly??

aNn fArhaNaH said...

mcm ne u maintain ur figure?
u luv to eat..but yet...still gorgeous...

Li said...

ann:figure i x segorgeous like gisele or heidi klum..ahaha
i guess my tips is to cut back on ur portion & don't eat after 8 or 9 pm..:)

Anonymous said...

Been through similar situation, same experience, perhaps the same thought.
Loophole means the factors that contribute to the failures of a relationship. Our personal principals might cause the other half to feel irritated and start creating unnecessary excuses to accept it. It might be temporary or it could be forever. Once he lost the grip, everything could turns ugly.
A Mysterious Stranger.

Li said...

ms:fyi,i broke up with hurt him cos he would never broke up with me..i did regret what i did..thus,i'm still hoping for the best..

u certainly don't know me or him thus,our situation aren't similar at all..every relationship is different..and i can't divulge much here cos' it's too personal..

Anonymous said...

Never regret! Just forget it & don't try to hope...anyway, all the best.
What make U say I don't know him? The fact is, U don't know me. I know U base on your entries. No offence, this is all my personal opinion.