A post with lots of pics:Friends are treasures..:)

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Your family,is the family you are born with..but friends are the family that you choose..:)

Now that I’m in the working world and barely have time for myself it made me very wistful over the past uni life..a very very fantastic and amazing 5 years of education,friendship,laughter,sadness and a lot of other emotions.

I have met hundreds of great individuals that has shaped me in one way or another and have left me with lasting impressions.I miss all of them terribly but now that I am working 9 hours a day,the only thing I want to do when I go home is sleep.I am deeply sorry for some of them because I rarely call or text them nowadays.It does not mean that I have forgotten them..it is only because life has taken over and I hope that I’ll get to spend sometime with them from time to time.

During the 5 years of uni life,I have different groups of friends.Of course,everybody has their own group of friends, but at the end of the day,all of my friends can get along when push comes to shove. I would like to dedicate this post to all of the friends,that has grown up,are famous now and busy with their own lives & share with you,my readers,some of my great memories with them..:)

My TESLIANS friends

These people are the ones who have seen me for 5 years.Saw my weight go up and down.Saw the men that came in and out of my life.Saw my crazy fashion choices like wearing super high heels to class---wtf was I thinking?ahaha.Procrastinated with me too..And went on lots of crazy adventures.

Everybody gets along but some friends understand some better than others and that’s why people tend to see some always with their own sets of friends.But it does not mean that they are stuck up or whatever.Teslians are a very lively and fun bunch!We do,however,have our occasional spat and some of it escalated to a huge proportion but then because the ties that binds us,we eventually became friends again & to me that shows that we are all becoming adults..:)

I love the fact that every one of us can be happy and have fun with one another even doing the most mundane activities.Seriously!We don’t even have to spend a lot of money & we can do the most outrageous stuff or the most simple activities but ultimately we will still have fun.

I have work on 3 musical theatres that was not for grades but just for fun with a lot of my teslian friends.We learned everything about making a theatre & the last one which was staged early this year was the hardest because me & my friends was on the management team thus had to deal with lots of issues..But we managed to raise up to 50k for Tasputra Perkim,which me,Tatie & Izza discussed a long time ago how we wanted to help a charity..it came true girls..:)

Went to Cameron Highlands,Frasers Hill,Tioman,Ipoh,Perlis,and many other places with them as well.Watched countless of movies.Went to concerts,art events,parties & many more.Organized many activities at our faculty.Celebrated many many birthdays.Years back when we had no cars,took the mini bus,ktm,and cab to places.

Spend hours talking crap or talking serious stuffs.I can list a lot of names but those whom I have had the privilege of going on adventures or great times with are Izza,Hanna,Napisah,Mak(Farhana),Hani,Yaya,Jess,LV,Tatie,Freaky--who’s famous for Boonga Art Shoes now with his gf on tv!!Proud of him!!:),Nadia,Wawa,Wan,Ella,Izlin,Ain,Iki,Minoza,Niza,Tajul,Syud,Hafriz,Joe,Hafiz,Ateff,Zack,Jiji,Acad,Azri,Fira,Moja,Chip,Tajul,Niza,Firhan,Nazri,K.Aisyah,K.Bayah,Fana & my juniors:Adela,Turis,Teddy,Flower & many many more!!

My Uitm friends

Those who aren’ts TESLIANS are my PMFP(persatuan mahasisiwa fakulti pendidikan) and debate friends.

I went to an amazing 3 day camping trip with my PMFP friends which I am the Vice Project Manager of..hehe.It was a great experience of not bathing for 2 days(I only bathe for 1 day..ahaha) & being one with nature!I miss the really funny guy friends of mine like Furkan,Fazirul,Akmal & Hisyam.I have organize quite a few number of events with them too & it was great learning the nitty gritty of dealing with bureaucracy.

My debate friends are a very wild & intelligent bunch of people.Went to quite a few tourneys & adjudicated a lot of them as well.From competitions at UM,UIA,to the yearly VC Cup &Royals debate.But since I am more of an adjudicator than a debater(took a test for it..so I can adjudicate debate & my biggest comp was the Royals/Piala Diraja debate where I adjudicated until the semi’s—didn’t go to finals cos’ I couldn’t be there),I don’t go to trainings & a lot of the UiTM newer junior debaters probably don’t know about me.

But the senior senior ones like Iqbal Hafiedz and Dan,both who used to pick me up from my college at sect.18 to bring me to training at main campus back in 2005,remember me.Yunus taught me how to adjudicate.Had good times with girl debaters like Sherrie(a lawyer now),Adibah,Aina,Atiq,Sheila,& many2 more.Kak Ana ,my Teslian senior/debater is now more known as the singer Ana Raffali whom I met through debate as well.

I miss all of these people.There are many other people I have met throughout 5 years being in uni as well & this post will be very long indeed.

To my former students during practicum(pics of em',below),study smart & get into uni because it’ll be an experience you won’t forget & learn as many things as you can!:)


Syud Ridzuan said...

ke hadapan liyana yang selalu terpahat di dalam memori,

5 tahun akan datang dan apabila aku melihat gambar ini, aku akan tersenyum sebab aku tahu nothing in this world can ever replace our five years together.

glad to know you back when we were in pre - kamu dengan skirts kamu memanjang dan bawa laptop kamu ke sana ke mari. and remember the pyjama party we had before? mcm orang gila malam-malam main air -.-'' no wonder the guards called us monyet. and remember when the hutan belakang akasia terbakar and then we had drama night, u jd ape eh? but i know u died that day and i forgot my script. i remember going to klpac for the first time with u guys and jumpa garry yap ke ape tah nama dia.

glad to know you back when we were in part one - when we had partaaayyy and yet again the preparation for dielle. sobs. mcm orang gila jahit kasut and attending to the divas. and we joined 50 hours debate and ingat tak we bought stuffs to eat for the crews and ms. salliza belanja kita mcd one time?

glad to know you back when we were in part two - we went to see xandra oii and harith iskandar ke sape tah (ke amende tah name die haha lupe da babe -.-''). anyway, doing dielle at the super creepy matic was fun fun fun :D

glad to know you back when we were in part three - remember when we did lepak with ethos! for the first time. wailaweh. mcm harem penat die LOL and yes, DRAMA! hahah :D

part four of course, willow! dem lah. apesal semua tempat kite pergi harus ade benda2 aneh ini -.-'' ah yes, remember when we went to this bukit at night and watch kl ke mane tah ramai2 and there were polices stopping by and warned us about girls being raped there. tgh jiwa kacau sekali kene kacau dengan abg polis lah -.-''

part five passed with izza going to oz and we had this willow reunion dekat windmill kot? is it? and i think that we sort of drifted apart bla bla bla *sad sad* and

i believe we were in the same class back in part 6. ah yes, we did. i remember taking picture with mr udaya banu with u! n u got high mark kan during the day?

and part 7 passed when you did ur part 8 first and some of us did practicum. heh.

last sem, terbalik pulak, we went to practicum, and we did part 8. tp sape bole lupe kenangan mcm orang gila buat ae.

and now we are battling the masters war. argh benci tak start pape lagi ok fine next sem i janji i buat haha.

glad to know you
nurliyana hanim hazlin :)

i will always love you (and be there for you as the voice of reason everytime you were let loose kat shopping malls LOL)

hugs and kisses,
syud yg comel nyeh2

Syud Ridzuan said...

ah yes, walaupun gambar aku kt sini sume nmpak mcm perempuan gila, but this perempuan gila mau cakap yang dia rindu sama perempuan gila 2 penulis blog ini :D

Li said...

thanks sooo much syud!
u reminded me all of our great memories..bz banget & xdpt nk reply pjg2..nanti sy reply dgn lebih uumph!

love uuu!

bareessence said...

lyana, syud dan entri ini sangat suhweet macam saya.. heheh