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I just realize that I have only read a few pages of the book The Romantics by Galt Niederhoffer...gonna take a breather tonight & finish reading the book so that I can buy a new book this weekend--LC's 3rd book-Sugar & Spice.

Went to my friend,Zi's engagement in Ampang today with Ain.She looked so beautiful & funnily the ring that she chose as her engagement ring,was identical to mine(pic below) only that hers is pure gold while mine is pure silver.And no,she didn't copy me since she never saw me wear the ring as she left the office way before I wore it(she changed her job,but we're still good friends!

Me & Ain got lost along the way & we ended up deep into the throngs of jungle behind Zoo Negara--so funny but great too cos I saw the river & nature along the way..ahaha.She drove by the way,cos' I've no idea how to get to Zi's house.The food at Zi's was cooked by her own mother & there was a lot of dishes & I managed to taste masak lemak pisang muda which I have never ate before.It was good!And there was colourful apams among the many kuih for desserts.I love love the lavender colored pretty!

Managed to download episodes from Glee season 2 and How I Met Your Mother season 6--will write my reviews on them later this week,along with a very funny & disgusting true story by one of my friends that will be a good example for all of us!

Went to Old Blossom Box today with Ain cos' I thought I will just take a look at the new outfits..but yeah right..Who am I kidding?I had to buy 3 tops because they were only a piece of each design & they were just too irresistible not to be bought!hehe..But hey,like a friend said--'It's my OWN money' that I EARNED..:).

Since the pic below is somehow 'senget'--although I swear it's not like that in my folders..weird!--I'll explain what they are..One gorgeous cream cropped jacket with black grossgrain ribbon trimming with puffy sleeves,one tiered top in inky purple with a bow in front & lastly,a bird print floaty bluey grey tiered top with a tied ribbon in front which Jezmine brought out for me cos' it wasn't ironed yet as I was about to try the coral colored one & she thought the other color will look even better!She was right!:)

Jezmine is such a nice person with great style & I love buying things from her boutique & will continue being one of her many loyal customers..been buying lots of stuffs from her ever since the 2nd day she opened her store & she always remember her customers & plus sometimes you get to see her cute cat--Debab!:)

Okay,no more internet for tonight..It is time to READ!