There are no ugly girls,only lazy ones..

Monday, October 25, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I saw the quote which is the title of this blog a few days ago & I thought to myself,it is very true.This of course applies to how a girl take care of herself,appearance-wise.I am not saying you should pile on the makeup but a little bit does go a long way.Most of the time,a lot of girls out there who does not take care of their appearance,actually just don't know how or worse,just can't be bothered!*gasp*

My mum always emphasize on looking presentable and not giving others an eyesore.haha.She definitely does not wear much makeup but she always make sure that she looks neat.
I mean,if you can enhance your looks using certain products,why not?It's not like it's plastic surgery!I for one,love love love buying and trying new beauty products out there.I have different scrubs,lotions and creams for almost every single part of my body.

I only get an occasional zit or two a week or days before the time of the month.And I never never ever let my hair feels like wires or looked like one..euuughhh!It is almost always soft and manageable & I can run my fingers freely through it.

The trick is to ALWAYS condition after you shampoo your hair & try to put a deep conditioning mask on for more than 10 mins atleast twice a week.Use a serum before & after you blow dry your hair.

For my face, I never,never,go to bed without washing my face & doing the three step--wash,tone & moisturize..:)And,scrub your face atleast twice a week too & put on a mud/whitening mask once every 2 weeks or once a week.

The pictures below are some of the stuffs I use for my face & hair..:)..And yeah,a few brands dominates here--Neutrogena,Olay,Clairol & The Body Shop(crazy about their amazing Spa Africa!)!

But then again,it does not mean that you have to fork out a lot of money just to keep up with others.I have tried a lot of beauty tips using stuffs that you can get from the kitchen from books & magazines & they do work!Below is a book that I found with my bestie Izza a few years back at at Payless bookstore warehouse sale( we can spend hours & hundreds of ringgit there!).

To get rid of the occasional dandruff
Sometimes when I get stressed out,I will get flakes on my head & it seems so wasteful to go & buy a bottle of dandruff shampoo since I won't wear it everyday!Thus,I got this wonderful tip that WORKS from a hairstylist for the cast of FRIENDS.

*Tips**Mix 1 part of mouthwash with 8 parts of water.Pour over your hair,massage over the flaky part& let it sit for about 5-10 mins & then rinse your hair.

To purify your face
Chopped some mint leaves & lemon peels & put into a big bowl..Pour hot water over it..let it sit for 1-2 mins.Cover your hair with towel & then use another towel to cover your face while you steam it over the bowl..:)

Natural body scrub
I do this from time to time because it does make your skin super smooth!

Fry some glutinous rice(beras pulut) in a pan,dry until it turns brown.And then put them in the blender & blend until consistency of a powder & mix them with tamarind juice until forming a paste.Scrub your body with this mixture once or twice a week & see the difference!:)

To lessen those pesky dark circles
Cut slices of potatoes & put them over your eyes.Believe me,it works!I have read lots of beauty articles and a lot of them recommend this method.

Soft foot soak
Add a few tablespoon of baking soda(natrium bicarb) NOT baking powder,to a bowl of warm water & soak your feet for 10-15 mins & then rinse.You won't believe how it softens your feet!

So girls,don't be lazy with your looks!Besides,don't you want to age gracefully?:)