Things I want/need/to get/buy soon!:P

Thursday, October 07, 2010 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Although I am almost broke..I want/need/to get/to buy/steal(bwahaha) these things sooner or later!!:P

1.Bridesmaid outfit!Color theme has to be a secret or the bride will kill me..ahaha..Kidding!She's super nice & one of my closest friends in uni..:)

2.New sturdy wedge/clogs with a wooden heel--cos' the one I have currently is almost in tatters since I wear them everyday!
I love u shoes!Gonna miss u!Hopefully the cobbler can fix you..:)

3.Lauren Conrad's Sugar & Spice book--the 3rd book in her series!

4.A white maxi dress that's a bit sweet,a bit angelic..ahaha

5.A new outfit for mama cos' she said that since I took her kebaya from her,I have to buy her a new outfit..ahaha..Ckp je la nak baju baru..-___-..:P

6.A silver necklace with a key shape pendant like the one at Cotton On or Diva!!

7.A pair of aviators in black!Saw a pretty pair that I just have to buy!!Please laaa jgn ada org beli pastuh dh xde..uwaaaa.

8.Running shoes for me & my mama!!I love Reebok!Ada 2 for one deal x??ahaha
Need it for rock climbing + getting on the threadmill!

9.Want to buy stuffs at the Japanese store Daisho--sushi making tools,baking utensils,cute stationarys!

Ok nite peeps..tomorrow is a working day!!


Tun said...

"I love u shoes!Gonna miss u!Hopefully the cobbler can fix you..:)" <<< love this one.... ;)

hehehe, I sense a shopaholic! I'm off to the book warehouse sale today. Sans credit card!

Anonymous said...

What I mean by popular hypocrite: Cakap X serupa bikin di kalangan org2 yg kita kenal (menyimpan niat mencuri peluang mencapai matlamat).
A Mysterious Stranger.

Li said...

tun sr.:haaaa..comment pon..selama ni stalker senyap2..ahahaha.i bruu send my shoes tu to the cobbler...yeah maseh bley pakai!

ellen:oh no!!book warehse sale is the best..i tend to buy up to 10 books..very dangerous!

mysterious stranger:ahahaha..sentap!