Today:Rudolph the red nose reindeer

Monday, October 11, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

The title described what I looked like today at work.Fine,not my whole nose,but only at the sides.ahaha.Got the fever+flu from my lil' cousin Alia during her birthday celebration last Saturday.Because 3 ppl MC from work today,my boss advice me not to go home & take a break instead & take some meds & slept for an hour or so.Funnily,about an hour before work was about to end,the whole huge office(mine is the building made entirely out of glass that you can see if you pass through the highway near Bukit's next to it,you can't miss it!),experienced blackout!

Our office depends solely on the thousands of pc to do our work & that's why it is super freezing in the office because we have to make sure that the pc does not overheat.Some of my friends did not save their works so their clients information,some of them,went 'kaput',just like that.I reminded my friends--remember to click save!

During lunch,pick up this bag below at Old Blossom since my nose was clogged up & I can't taste food anyway...I emailed Jezmine yesterday saying that I'll pick up the bag afterwork but I just couldn't wait--it's the Becky Bloomwood in me...hehe.Initially I waited for the grey bag but then I have too many grey stuffs as it is...Besides my last 2 red bags are ruined now!I love the colour red cos' it empowers you..:)

After work,went home to find mama's sambal tumis petai waiting for me along with Krispy Kreme doughnuts which they bought since my dad didn't work today & went to Shah Alam to help grandma go to the hospital for her checkup.Oh,my mum can't drive,btw.

The fiery sambal made my nose a lil bit better.Ate more meds & m going to bed early tonight & cover more work tomorrow since I slacked off for 2 hours today due to my being sick..bah!!


Sharing a cold is a special joy :-)