Wonderful discovery+what's in your bag?

Friday, October 29, 2010 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I bought a bunch of magazines during lunch time at work a few days ago,along with Lauren Conrad's newest book--Sugar & Spice!In one of those magazines,this blog--PROUDDUCK,was featured in the monthly blogger column.I decided to check out her blog & I was hooked.

"Women who are positive, stylish and well-mannered. Women who speak their minds, but know there are times to just shut up and smile politely. Women who are career-minded just as much as they are domesticated(love this part cos' I'm a mix of domesticated/independent/conservative+modern). Women who love themselves and never forget to shave their legs or cut their nails. Women who appreciate the finer things in life, but still keep their feet firmly on the ground."-Vivy Yusof-

Regarding this quote--'Women who are career-minded just as much as they are domesticated'--I'm sure when people who doesn't know me will take a glance at me & the way I carry myself they might think I am not domesticated & am ultra modern and does not know my way in the kitchen.On the contrary,I love love cooking and baking..it's what the women in my family are good at among many other things..But I didn't get it from my mum since she doesn't like to cook though she does it everyday & she never bakes,ever!..ahaha.

Oh,back to Vivy--she is super smart(she did her spm & a-levelS, SIMULTANEOUSLY & got A's for EVERYTHING!)beautiful,stylish,is a devoted daughter and although she comes from a wealthy family,she does not seem affected by it,she is very close to her family(like me!),her relationship with her boyfriend of 4 years is just so sweet !Her blog became my bedtime story for these past few days..Thanks Vivy Yusof!:)

I love her blog because she blogs about things that I can identify with like the fact that she cannot pack light & in the end it's good cos' you'll be the supplier of things(it happened to me when I went to Tioman with my friends..ahaha.I bought lots of toiletries & clothes & my friends end up using/borrowing em'..hehe).I can so relate to her love for her hairdryer and duh,her hair in this POST!And she has an amazing SHOE COLLECTION!

Some of my other favorite posts from her are Once a Month, Spa Treatments,Make-up 101,Organising Accesories,Green Three,Love in Hyde Park,Lucky Girl and so many2 more..so go & check out her blog!:)

Ooh,I was inspired by THIS post of hers & decided to blog about what I carry in my bag everyday..though not ALL the time..as when I go out to buy stuffs,I usually just carry my purse..
Basically for my work bag,I have to have my makeup bag,my purse,tissues,sanitizer,comb,sunscreen(cos it takes me 30mins drive to work,40 mins if there's traffic),perfume lotion,hair serum(cos of my super cold workplace my hair gets dry!),hair clips/claws ,listerine & floss!

BUT,if I go shopping I'll just carry my comb,purse,makeup bag,serum & tissue--hurm,that's still a lot of stuffs innit?bwahahaha.Well,I like to be prepared!:P


eli said...

can u provide more sections on cooking and receipe? i like it more when you talk about foods than bout other things. i think u're a great cook

Li said...

wow..thank u for ur compliment!
i know,ever since i finish my degree & have been working for 4 months,i rarely get the time to cook & experiment in the kitchen..i will however try to set aside some time to try new recipes for this blog in time to come..:)