Workplace is fun,the stress is not!

Thursday, October 21, 2010 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Although my work is very stressful cos' I deal with priority customers,the rich and the famous,the fuss pots & many more,my workplace is a pretty cool place to work in.Like what was told to me back during the interview at my faculty months ago,they try to make the workplace akin to what Google is doing in the States.Thus we have amenities like an entertainment room,gym,cafe,and many other things.

Some days we have themes for our Dress Down Day like once there was a Hawaiian theme,or the dress up your headgear day & tomorrow's theme is colorful.The dress code at my workplace is smart casual.We can wear whaetever we want as long as it is not sleeveless or too sexy...Jeans are allowed,dresses,polo's..yada2...

This week is Game Week.Whereby each departments have to create fun fair like games so everybody can walkabout and participate in each games & earn PRIZES!For my department we have about 3 games& I tried one of them which was Limbo rock!Where in Malaysia do you have a work place that suddenly has a limbo rock going on next to your respective desks?

My department is in the same floor with Credit Card & Banking & they have different games as well.Banking have basketball & 3 other games & Credit Card had this ball throwing into hoops game & some others..People were throwing ping pong & takraw balls while working...And the whole place is covered in balloons & confetti!It definitely cheered me up!!:))


This is interesting. How does your company feel about you blogging about them? Can we talk about this? I'll send you email!

Li said...

somehow this post was saved into draft today..ahaha
had to republish it..
hurm..i have no idea since they don't know that i blog about them..
there's a policy whereby we're not suppose to discuss our customer's accounts outside the i certainly won't be blogging about all the juicy goss..ahaha