A graduate!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

*Left my robe in the car & everything else,wore my flats instead after going to my grandma's & went back to uitm to take pics with friends!*

*Managed to blog a bit after convo yesterday but didn't get to post it due to me being busy with my family & friends!*

Blogging live from Fullhouse...lots of pics from today but due to the fact that I'm blogging from a friend's notebook,I''ll upload everything later tomorrow.A great day although it started not so great because when I arrived there with Izza,it was super hot and I saw sweating in places that I haven't sweat before.My parents were right there at the VIP section so that was great!

Didn't get to take as much pictures with my friends cos' it was so full of PEOPLE & after the ceremony which meant waiting for hours in the hall,me & my family took our family portrait & then went to Grandma's hse to take pics with her & then dad dropped me off back to UiTM so that I can take some pics with my friends & then we had dinner at Fullhouse..Went back & zzzz cos' was sooo tired!I'll blog more in details this weekend!:)

I may not have the love life that I wanted but atleast I have my family who loves me,my good friends(who are all employed--successful graduates!) who are there for me,a job,a roof over my head & good health..amin..:)


**And to you,you know how important this day was to me & we talked about it back then.. but still you couldn't get over yourself to wish me even a simple lil msg..thanks...


It's the weekend!

Saturday, November 27, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

What do you guys do on the weekend?I am pretty much a homebody and I like staying at home because after 5 days of work,one would like to 'bermalas2' on the bed BUT,there are times when I will go out to meet up with my friends or for special occasions or to shop or back when I wasn't single,weekend meant that I have to follow my boyfriend to his football matches(eventhough I don't get football..ahaha..things you do for love...).

So today I went out with the family,minus my dad who's working & minus my 2nd lil brother Haziq who likes to sleep.

Found really great things & finally I found the clogs that I wanted!!!!!So happy!Took a picture of em' with my mum's decorative Holland clogs--when I saw this,it reminded me of someone..ahahaha..This clogs were with us back when we live in Seremban & I can't believe I forgot about it cos' he would have laugh at it.

And stock up on my dried herbal teas from this lovely girl who even gave me a pack of dried stevia for free!I bought purple rose,blue mallow & castle peak green tea.All of these herbs has different benefits for your health..you can check her website HERE!I bought a lot because I rarely go to the flea market & the last time I went there was 3 months ago!

Bought lots of mangosteens today!!I love love them & they're soo good for you--that Origins came out a skincare line using them & even Fresh has a Mangosteen perfume!


She's married now!:)

Saturday, November 27, 2010 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

The title refers to Napisah,one of my closest friends,who got married last weekend.Alhamdullillah,I am so happy for her.After 5 years of courtship,she is now someone's wife.I hope he will take care of her and always cherish their times together.I can't wait to be an aunt & buy their daughter/son cute cute outfits(double cute cos' I'm like that..ahaha).

Napisah & I weren't that close years ago back when I entered uni because,I am not embarass to admit it,I was a very obnoxious and spoiled girl.I still am those things at time but all of my close friends are used to it now..muahahaha.Nah,I am an AMAZING person okay!:P

Okay,Napisah & I became close when we become housemates back in 2006.We have lived in 2 different houses together with our other close friends(first we live in this flat at section 17 for semester 1 degree & then for 2 & 3 rd semester we live at Suria Apartment in section 16)..actually,more like 3 houses cos' even when she & my close friends lived in their 3rd house,a 2 storey terrace & I lived with my family(my dad rules was that once he gave me a car,I have to live with them!boooo!),I slept there A LOT!hahaha

Napisah,from people who doesn't know her,is actually a very funny person & can be really crazy at times.Being friends with her actually made me a better Muslim because she would be the one reminding to not forget to pray & giving me sound advice & always not afraid to speak her mind to me because she knows I can take it & it made our friendship stronger as we never hide it if we have problems with each other.

Now,she is someone's wife and she has to devote her time to her husband and family.I am going to miss her very much.Especially our heart to heart session about love..awww..And now she's married!!

During the akad nikah,all of her close friends was holding back tears and some cried because we were just too happy for her.We've seen the ups and downs that she went through with her now husband and now they're officially married.Napisah,I know you will be a good wife to your husband.Hopefully when time permits,we can all spend sometime together.But know that just because we rarely get the chance to contact each other,you're never far from my heart.:)


Comfort wear

Friday, November 26, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

One beautiful Sunday morning,I think it was a few weeks ago,I was eating breakfast & reading the Sunday Star,something that I love doing.I was leafing through the newspaper,when I see that someone in the family,had HIGHLIGHTED a paragraph in an interview of Lisa S whereby she said that although she has close to 200 pairs of shoes,she tend to only wear the same 5 pairs day in,day out.

Instantly,I knew who highlighted that part,it has got to be my mama!ahahah.She was pointing out to me that I have far too many shoes but I tend to wear the same ones over and over again,which is true!

Although I have beautiful heels and booties/wedges,I tend to wear flats a lot.It's comfy and it's easy to walk in.I love heels and can walk in the highest of them and even RUN in them BUT after about 4 hours or so in them,your feet will KILL you.Thus,I tend to wear flats daily or my worn out pair of studded clog wedges.

Below is a few pics of stuffs that I wear almost everyday.

Bag--a studded black leather Charles & Keith bag which I bought with my first paycheck.It's my biggest bag splurge ever!

Jeans--Levi's Curve Id in Demi Curve,Skinny Boot cut.I love love this.It's sooo comfy and doesn't feel heavy.Plus it fits me really well.

Watch--Crocodile Sapphire watch,given to me by my dad when I was 15 YEARS OLD--it' still ticking & is still gorgeous even until today.It looks super big on my tiny tiny wrist(the smallest part of me & I remembered my ex said that if he held my wrist too tight,he might snapped it into two..haha) & I guess I love the 'men's watch' look on a delicate girls wrist & have been wearing it waaaayy before that trend became big this year!

Earrings--I love small studs--diamond,pearls,silver..I love studs because they're delicate & simple.I save the hoops & dangly earrings for special occasion.
Shoes--I have 2 pairs of these flats in different colors.One in black & one in grey.They're so comfy & very chic & pretty to me.Remind me of Chanel flats,which I won't be able to afford in years to come!

Ring--It is SOOO hard to find a ring that fit my fingers cos' they're so tiny.I was so happy to have found this ring & it's my most expensive ring & I wear it everyday--I feel naked without it!Hopefully one day when I get married,I want my ring to be the same delicate design but with pink diamonds or ruby...:)Oooh,I still haven't found a ruby ring that is small & can fit my tiny ring finger..


A milestone

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

One of my bestfriend,Izza,told me a few days ago that our upcoming graduation will be one of our life's milestones.

In life,we don't have that many milestones...What is a milestone?A short definition that befits my graduation would be --a turning point.

Aside from graduation,some of life's milestone would of course be your wedding day,the birth of your first child and etc.Some of my personal milestones happened this year as well--1st time I truly fell in love,1st time I celebrated my birthday not being single(though now I am back to that--hey,I am nothing if not a survivor!)...:P

Initially I thought that I would just wear one of my cotton baju kurung for the day but then after talking with Izza & her mum,I changed my mine and went to DRIAS to look at my graduation outfit since Izza bought hers there as well.

Settled on this red one & bought it the day after,after getting consultation from my mama..she said a young person like me(her words okay!) should not wear such dull colors(initially I wanted a bronze/nude-ish songket one..hehe).Izza also said I look better in red..So red it is..

It has got to be THE most expensive piece of clothing I have yet...The most expensive dress I have cost me around 110..and this baju kurung is rm561!But it's okay because I got a discount & bought it for rm391...:)Plus,one's FIRST uni graduation is a once in a lifetime thing.And mama also said that it can be worn for other occasions as well...

I also bought these shoes...Aren't they simply gorgeous??

I have more to blog about but I'm just so tired and sleepy lately...have to get some much needed zzzzzzzz...:)..Next post will be about things that I wear almost everyday/comfort things!:)

I leave you with this quote below which I just love!!

“I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.”Coco Chanel


From places to places

Monday, November 22, 2010 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Been very busy these past few days...Went to Sungai Congkak to clean the river for corporate social responsibility and then drove for 3 hours with my other friends(2 cars) to Ipoh for one of my bestfriend's wedding--Napisah and stayed there overnight at this great homestay and managed to explore Ipoh a bit at night..

And then today had convocation rehearsal--really really great cos' managed to catch up wit lots of my friends who are now busy living in the real world--the working world!The world of adulthood--bills to pay,less time for fun & having to do overtime..:P

To tired to blog as I have work tomorrow..Thus,I leave you my readers with a bunch of pictures of the days that followed..:)