Bake bake bake

Saturday, November 06, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Nasiblah diri ini memang jenis yang suka duduk didapur diwaktu lapang..hahaha.

I guess as a modern,outspoken,independent woman that I am,I still believe that you should know your way around the kitchen!:)..I'm pretty domesticated in that sense..

Been baking lots of goodies like the pictures below...

*Though I was disappointed with the peanut butter cookie recipe that I got from Bakerella as it was chewy/macaroon-y like & not something I'd/my brothers will eat again & again unlike the choc chip cookies..I will however try a different recipe from Joy Of Baking!Hopefully that'll turn out better*

And I am going to attempt the IMPOSSIBLE!!Which is baking the delicious,calorific and tedious--KEK LAPIS SARAWAK!!!:))..

Me & my youngest brother,Raffiq loves loves kek lapis & I thought,you know what,I am ready to become a domestic goddess(bwahahaha) & attempt in baking this tedious cake..I have even come up with the combination of colours that I want..It will take 20 eggs for one cake(yeahhh that many!) & layer upon layer of baking..WISH ME LUCK WITH THIS ATTEMPT!!:p