Wednesday, November 10, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

The theme of my company annual dinner was Bollywood & I didn't have the time to go out of my way to find/buy an outfit that I won't be wearing again after the dinner.So tired lately & don't feel like blogging much..Want to eat & sleep after this..Although it's been tiring,life has been good to me lately..Alhamdullillah...I'll leave you with a few pictures & will blog tomorrow!

P/S:Creme brulee frapuccino & machiatto aren't available anymore at Starbucks!!So sad!It has got to be my favorite coffee flavor from them so far..dropped by today during lunch to get my weekly(okay,a few days in a week lately..hehe) caffeine fix & lo & behold they replace it with Toffee nut latte(latte is like..ugh...just lots of milk..not for me cos' when I go to Starbucks,I want a jolt!) & Peppermint sumtin...sigh..BRING BACK CREME BRULEE!!