Comfort wear

Friday, November 26, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

One beautiful Sunday morning,I think it was a few weeks ago,I was eating breakfast & reading the Sunday Star,something that I love doing.I was leafing through the newspaper,when I see that someone in the family,had HIGHLIGHTED a paragraph in an interview of Lisa S whereby she said that although she has close to 200 pairs of shoes,she tend to only wear the same 5 pairs day in,day out.

Instantly,I knew who highlighted that part,it has got to be my mama!ahahah.She was pointing out to me that I have far too many shoes but I tend to wear the same ones over and over again,which is true!

Although I have beautiful heels and booties/wedges,I tend to wear flats a lot.It's comfy and it's easy to walk in.I love heels and can walk in the highest of them and even RUN in them BUT after about 4 hours or so in them,your feet will KILL you.Thus,I tend to wear flats daily or my worn out pair of studded clog wedges.

Below is a few pics of stuffs that I wear almost everyday.

Bag--a studded black leather Charles & Keith bag which I bought with my first paycheck.It's my biggest bag splurge ever!

Jeans--Levi's Curve Id in Demi Curve,Skinny Boot cut.I love love this.It's sooo comfy and doesn't feel heavy.Plus it fits me really well.

Watch--Crocodile Sapphire watch,given to me by my dad when I was 15 YEARS OLD--it' still ticking & is still gorgeous even until today.It looks super big on my tiny tiny wrist(the smallest part of me & I remembered my ex said that if he held my wrist too tight,he might snapped it into two..haha) & I guess I love the 'men's watch' look on a delicate girls wrist & have been wearing it waaaayy before that trend became big this year!

Earrings--I love small studs--diamond,pearls,silver..I love studs because they're delicate & simple.I save the hoops & dangly earrings for special occasion.
Shoes--I have 2 pairs of these flats in different colors.One in black & one in grey.They're so comfy & very chic & pretty to me.Remind me of Chanel flats,which I won't be able to afford in years to come!

Ring--It is SOOO hard to find a ring that fit my fingers cos' they're so tiny.I was so happy to have found this ring & it's my most expensive ring & I wear it everyday--I feel naked without it!Hopefully one day when I get married,I want my ring to be the same delicate design but with pink diamonds or ruby...:)Oooh,I still haven't found a ruby ring that is small & can fit my tiny ring finger..