A graduate!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

*Left my robe in the car & everything else,wore my flats instead after going to my grandma's & went back to uitm to take pics with friends!*

*Managed to blog a bit after convo yesterday but didn't get to post it due to me being busy with my family & friends!*

Blogging live from Fullhouse...lots of pics from today but due to the fact that I'm blogging from a friend's notebook,I''ll upload everything later tomorrow.A great day although it started not so great because when I arrived there with Izza,it was super hot and I saw sweating in places that I haven't sweat before.My parents were right there at the VIP section so that was great!

Didn't get to take as much pictures with my friends cos' it was so full of PEOPLE & after the ceremony which meant waiting for hours in the hall,me & my family took our family portrait & then went to Grandma's hse to take pics with her & then dad dropped me off back to UiTM so that I can take some pics with my friends & then we had dinner at Fullhouse..Went back & zzzz cos' was sooo tired!I'll blog more in details this weekend!:)

I may not have the love life that I wanted but atleast I have my family who loves me,my good friends(who are all employed--successful graduates!) who are there for me,a job,a roof over my head & good health..amin..:)


**And to you,you know how important this day was to me & we talked about it back then.. but still you couldn't get over yourself to wish me even a simple lil msg..thanks...


Zurin said...

Congrats! And that baju kurung is really really gorgeous.

Li said...

thank u!my mama & my bestie chose the color..hehe


Anonymous said...

Tahniah! Merah mengancam.
Pics diatas mengimbau zaman berkonvo dulu, sempat merembat selimpang anugerah NC seseorg masa tu & bergambar dgn muka X bersalah.