Jet Black

Thursday, November 11, 2010 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

For months I have been wearing just brown eyeliner--one from The Body Shop in pencil form & one from Maybelline in gel form.Haven't worn black eyeliner in ages & was really really happy when I saw Kiss Me makeup line at Watson that I just had to try them & buy them,of course!

*Ececeh,pic konon if nanges pon xhilang la kan?haha*

Although it is a bit pricey but you're definitely getting your money's worth.When I went to Watson,there was 2 different line of makeup from the Kiss Me was Heroine & the other is Heavy Rotation..So they have different kinds of eyeliner,gloss & blah2 for both lines.

I bought the Kiss Me Heroin Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner which retailed at rm49.90.It was super smooth & I deliberated between buying either Kiss Me or Kate's brand because months ago I bought Kate's liquid pen.But since the price was almost the same,I thought why not try a different brand right?

A fellow blogger,reviewed other make up from Kiss Me HERE.

The liquid eyeliner made my eyes look bigger!

I bought this earring 'tree' at Daisho for just rm5!But I think I need another one cos' not all of my earrings fit on the 'tree'..hehe..
*Yeah,I guess I do have a lot of flower studs earrings..:P*

Today got mc as I had migraine.The pill the doc gave was awesome cos' the doc asked me whether I want pills that makes you sleepy or not & I said of course the sleepy one & after I got home from the clinic & ate them,I was sleeping in no time & woke up from a great great sleep & then head out to see Adela before she goes back home for the semester break..:(

Okay peeps,my head is still a bit groggy..gonna pop the meds that I got from the doc today & zzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Ooh,ayat xbley blah from my doctor when we discussed about my vertigo condition--she gave me medicine supply for it as I'm suppose to eat 1 tablet EACH DAY to keep it from recurring but of course,I rarely do that cos'..who remember to take their meds everyday anyway right?haha--she said, 'Muda2 dah kene vertigo awak ni?Vertigo tu selalunya penyakit orang tua..'...-_____-


I just bought blue and silver eye pencils. OMG! Do you think this is ABBA retro????

Li said...

ahahaha..i have rock a navy blue eyeliner before..but silver is no no for me cos it'll make my asian eyes look smaller!:)
maybe it is..i've no idea!

Anonymous said...

what's a vertigo?