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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

In the midst of watching Sebening Keringat on TV3 and it makes me sad..Because the villain is the eldest son and yet he does not provide for the family.Instead he treats his family members so horribly!

It made me so angry since I am the eldest daughter in the family and I find that,being in that role means that you have to be a role model to your siblings and also be a good son/daughter.

Questions reeled in my mind while watching this drama..some of them,I'd like to share with you..

1)Will I be successful and earn enough money to ensure that my parents are well take care off when they get old?

2)Will I be able to have a family of my own,become a good wife and mother to my husband and children when I get married and teach them the importance of family and to be good?

3)Will I be able to help my brothers when they are in financial trouble(who knows,later in life right?)?

I just want to work hard and cement a bright future for me and my family.I remember my dad telling us a long time ago that he has no other 'harta' other than us..his wife and children.That's why I get easily teary eyed whenever it comes to any sad stories about families on tv.:( Appreciate your loved ones before it's too late to do so..


Moharri said...

It's a good movie. Much better than any of Rosyam Noor's movie before. Never expect it would end that way.
Anyway do you know the title of the soundtrack?

Li said...'s not a movie,'s a made for tv movie..and rosyam nor didn't act in it..which one are you referring to exactly?