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Currently I am busy baking lotsa cookies from friends who ordered from me--11 'balang' of choc chip cookies to bake(only 7 balang left to bake!!)---,sewing on beads for my bridesmaid outfit---I thought I'd be easy but it's actually pretty tedious cos' you have to sew the bead on one by one---,and also reading 2 books simultaneously--yeah i'm a MULTITASKER extraordinaire... :P

My family members and close friends knows that I am an outspoken person.I was raised and educated in a way that I can voice my opinion on a lot of matters but it also requires tact as you can't just say what you want to say ALL the time or else you will get into big trouble.

I have a few opinions which I'd like to blog about on a few matters and those who disagree or agree with them are very much welcome!

The place that I grew up at was taken over by a different party a few years ago.They promise a lot of things but didn't deliver.In fact they made things worse and the proof in the pudding is the various news that are coming out on tv and the newspapers lately and of course,people jumping parties.

The situation is worse when even the royals are miffed at them.I just have one thing to say about all this--Power in the wrong hands will corrupt and even power in the right hands will corrupt. 'Buat kerja tak ikhlas,macam tu la jadinya!'.A few years back you talk smack about your rivals and now you are doing the same thing that you said they did.tsk2

Another thing that has gotten me a little bit piss is about a certain actor who is angry with the fact that a certain young director won in the recent FFM.-___-.Nak berbahasa Melayu sikit biar best..:)

Hello,dah hang tak menang tu terima je lah.Adatlah ada kalah dan menang.Mungkin tahun ni rezeki orang tu,tahun depan rezeki kau.Tapi rasanya orang2 yang baca statement2 yang dikeluarkan oleh kau dalam dada akhbar baru2 ni pun tahu menilai siapa yang kurang cerdik.Susunlah ayat yang keluar dari mulut itu baik2 sikit.

Ayat yang paling bodoh sekali bila dia cakap si polan patut segan ke ape tah dgn dia sbb ye lah,girlpren dia sekarang bekas makwe si polan tu.Eeeeeeeeeeeee gelinya aku!Kalaulah aku ditempat girlpren dia tuh,mesti sangat malu wei sebab boypren anggap kau macam 'trofi' or dalam bahasa inggeris--A PIECE OF MEAT!Macam,'Haha,aku dapat bekas awek kau!'--MATANGLAH SANGATKAN??

Hah,ni ayat ni bukan dibuat2 ye,sebab keluar dalam akhbar yang ada kredibiliti,alah yang keluar setiap pagi ahad tuh.:P Kepada si dia yang menang tuh,takpelah,mulut orang memang susah nak tutup.Kepada orang yang tak habis2 bising tuh,sudah2lah jadi SORE LOSER!!Menyampah aku dibuatnya.