The Posh Peasant Experience!

Saturday, November 13, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Woke up around 2pm today...ahaha..Hey,it's the weekend so sue me!Was really excited when mama said a parcel arrived for me wayyy from the USA..:)It's the perfume set that I ordered from The Posh Peasant..I read about them in the November issue of Instyle.This is my FIRST time ordering items from the States online & I definitely will again after this great experience..:)

Being the only daughter to parents who love fragrances/perfumes--they spend hundreds on perfumes since I was a kid--though now that it's recession,they don't really do that anymore but I buy them perfumes now...I know,I am a very good daughter..hehe---,their garden is FILLED with fragrant flowers(we even grow tuberose in the garden!) & if you are not a fragrant flower,you certainly won't be in my parents beautiful garden!:)

Basically,The Posh Peasant website is for perfume lovers who wants to buy/try perfumes that aren't available in our own country(Malaysia).They have these really great sample sets that will suit your personality/interests.So I chose Swooning For White Florals because they have the very popular Fracas perfume in the list along with Parfums de Nicolai which is made by an award winning perfumer...

Can't wait to try all the perfumes!My next splurge will be an Ormonde Jayne or the Serge Lutens set!!Oh,I paid through my credit card & in less than 3 weeks,I received my parcel all the way from the states!Excellent service I might add..:)