Reviews on various new season of tv series!

Thursday, November 18, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Haven't done this in awhile..Since I rarely have the time to watch television and plus,Malaysian tv channels are waaayy behind in terms of seasons of tv series--like,The Vampire Diaries is in it 2nd season now,not the first!---I tend to download a bunch of tv series on my laptop..

Currently,I am watching season 4 of The Big Bang Theory,season 6 of How I met your mother,season 3 of 90210,season 15 of Top Gear,Season 2 of GLEE and season 4 of Gossip Girl.Would download season 2 of Vampire Diaries but my laptop is getting heavier--have to buy a harddisk!

The Big Bang Theory season 4
Season 4 is as funny as ever!Sheldon now has a girl,that is his friend--Amy Farrah Fowler!!They are such a weird and adorable couple..hehe.The concept of the show is still as brill as usual and if you notice,Penny is now bartending instead of waitressing right?
Wellll,actually,she broke her foot and it was a REALLY REALLY horrible accident because a horse step on her leg & her bones CAME OUT of her leg..YIKESSSSSSSSS!

You can watch the interview on a recent episode of Ellen Degeneres show...So anyhoo,that's why Penny's bartending now so that they can hide her leg..The recent episode(8) showed that Bernadette & Amy managed to coax Penny into admitting that she still love Leonard..awww..:)..We'll see where that goes!

How I met your mother season 6

You know what,I think,I might know who the 'mother' is..I think it's Zoe!You want to know who Zoe is??Watch season 6 & you won't be sorry.I love love this show and it is my FRIENDS replacement because for someone who have watched all 10 seasons over and over again until you know the dialog by heart(same goes with the Gilmore Girls--I have watch that show bazillion of's my comfort food!:) ),you need something new!

And oooh,you'll know who Barney's dad is!!More and more funny and smart and at times dirty jokes!The best part for me was when in episode 2,Barney barge in & sang behind while his brother sang with his dad the song 'Stand by me(not barney's dad,his gay brother's real dad--Barney's dad is revealed a few episodes later..hehe)..I don't how many times I rewind to that was hilariousssssss!

I identified with 2 situations that the characters was involved in.Ted when he had to be firm with his students because almost all of my TESLians friends have been there!And Robin when she second guessed the independent person that she is when Ted prefer cutesy kiddy-ish Becky over her..

You'll love 2 episodes involving Lily--the one in episode 6 & the one in episode 7!!Watch both episodes to get what I mean..:)

90210 Season 3

Actually,I don't know why I'm watching this show anymore since it has become wayyyy dramatic..BUT,probably because I am rooting for some of the characters like Naomi & Silver & Naveen.

Mr.Cannon is definitely not the kind of teacher you want to teach your kids--he should get therapy or be behind bars!

Oooh,Oscar is hot hot hot..One of the most steamiest scenes was when Ivy dreamed that she made out with him..A kiss never looked that hot!

Adriana & Naveen are going strong BUT because of her douche-bag of a new manager,who is the late Javier's uncle who's blackmailing her,it might just rock their love boat..But they're the only consistent couple in the show--still together even after the whole Ade fall for Teddy & then Naveen with Lila.

And Teddy might be gay??Oookay..

Please2 find a new love interest for Naomi!How crazy extravagant was her birthday party??Annie's character is getting a bit more likeable but guys like Liam & Charlie has got to GO!They are soooo not suitable for the show anymore!

Ooh,the high bun on the middle of your head look made popular by Korean girl group 2NE1, is showing up on 90210!!I tried to rock it & uploaded the pic last month..hehe
*And yes,that's Joe Jonas with Adriana--she had to go with him cos' her manager asked her too..don't worry,she didn't neglect Naveen!*

GLEE Season 2

Awwww,Finn & Rachel are just sooo cute together they almost make me puke..haha.I love love it when Charice was featured on the show,,the Telephone showdown in the toilet was awesome!The new kid Sam,although he has great abs,his Bieber-ish haircut has go to go!!That only look cute on Bieber!

Ooh the Britney episode was awesome!:)

The duet performance by Finn & Rachel in ep 4 was way way offensive!!!haha

And I lovveeeee the fact that John Stamos is now on the show as a dentist!His character & Emma is just soo adorable!

I just finish watching the Rocky Horror episode so am waiting for the other new episodes to finish downloading..

Oooh,MIKE CHANG rocks my socks--please give him more dialog & airtime--he's just so hot!Did you guys watched him in Step Up 3??yummmm!Love that he's with Tina!:))

Gossip Girl season 4 & Top Gear season 15

Only downloaded a few episodes of both seasons.I have to admit I am disappointed with season 4 of Gossip Girl..Because I want Chuck & Blair to stay together & instead they're angry fu&# buddies now...they have angry sex over and over again..though not that,that's not fun..:P..But still,I want to see them get all scheming together again..And Serena torn between Nate & Dan is getting really old..sigh...

Top Gear is back!!I love love watching the show because it's awesome--fast cars,British men & funny jokes!!:))