She's married now!:)

Saturday, November 27, 2010 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

The title refers to Napisah,one of my closest friends,who got married last weekend.Alhamdullillah,I am so happy for her.After 5 years of courtship,she is now someone's wife.I hope he will take care of her and always cherish their times together.I can't wait to be an aunt & buy their daughter/son cute cute outfits(double cute cos' I'm like that..ahaha).

Napisah & I weren't that close years ago back when I entered uni because,I am not embarass to admit it,I was a very obnoxious and spoiled girl.I still am those things at time but all of my close friends are used to it now..muahahaha.Nah,I am an AMAZING person okay!:P

Okay,Napisah & I became close when we become housemates back in 2006.We have lived in 2 different houses together with our other close friends(first we live in this flat at section 17 for semester 1 degree & then for 2 & 3 rd semester we live at Suria Apartment in section 16)..actually,more like 3 houses cos' even when she & my close friends lived in their 3rd house,a 2 storey terrace & I lived with my family(my dad rules was that once he gave me a car,I have to live with them!boooo!),I slept there A LOT!hahaha

Napisah,from people who doesn't know her,is actually a very funny person & can be really crazy at times.Being friends with her actually made me a better Muslim because she would be the one reminding to not forget to pray & giving me sound advice & always not afraid to speak her mind to me because she knows I can take it & it made our friendship stronger as we never hide it if we have problems with each other.

Now,she is someone's wife and she has to devote her time to her husband and family.I am going to miss her very much.Especially our heart to heart session about love..awww..And now she's married!!

During the akad nikah,all of her close friends was holding back tears and some cried because we were just too happy for her.We've seen the ups and downs that she went through with her now husband and now they're officially married.Napisah,I know you will be a good wife to your husband.Hopefully when time permits,we can all spend sometime together.But know that just because we rarely get the chance to contact each other,you're never far from my heart.:)


bareessence said...

lyana, this post is so sweet just like you =)

i am touched.

Li said...

awww..thank u baybeh!:)

yana, i just read this. u made me cried! hate u.. love u.. miss u sooo much!! *hugggggs*

Li said...

yeahhh berjaya menyentuh perasaan..hehe
doakan satu hari nanti i'll be as happy as you are now..:)