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A lot of people close to me who knows me might never even imagine that I am a shy person because I am always the talkative one,the crazy hyper one,among my group of friends...But in actual fact,I am like that,because I am with my own friends or family members.With people that I barely know,I can look like I am 'sombong' cos' it takes awhile for me to warm up to people I just met.

This week & last week,I faced one of my biggest fears--singing in front of other people.FYI,I have never ever sang in front of my parents cos' I am very shy about it..hehe.So those who HAVE heard me sang before,consider yourself very lucky indeed.

Oh,the company that I am currently working with held an Idol-ish competition for all it's workers so I decided to audition just for the fun of it,thinking that it would be well,fun.BOY WAS I WRONG!I was shaking like a leaf & I sang like I saw standing on that Osim shake your butt thing.ahahahaha.

BUT,the judges(there were I think 7-or 8 of them--yes they were THAT many & they RECORDED me singing!) liked me & asked me to calm down & sang again after a few mins of taking a english song & one malay song-- I choose Only Hope(mandy moore in A walk to remember) & Belaian Jiwa(innuendo).They said that if I made it to semi's,they'll call me that night.

I was really surprise when I got a call that night saying I qualified.Okay,the story gets pretty long from here & since I am pretty sleepy at the moment,I'll cut it short & say that no,I didn't make it to finals cos during the semifinals--

A.My voice is not THAT good compared to the other 15 semi's contestants..some of them were really really good like they BELONG ON THE STAGE unlike me..whom some people said I looked CUTE(hehe..sukaaa) & tiny & nervous(yes I wassssss!)

B.I forgot around 2 words while singing the song 'I'll stand by you'!

C.I didn't look like I was NOT nervous & I did not exhibit any showmanship-ability like dancing or even moving my hands..AHAHAHA.

D.Couldn't get my hands on the minus 1 of a song that one of my manager wanted me to sing & I SHOULD HAVE SANG cos' it would have been awesome since yesterday due to something wrong with the phone-lines after electric shock around the 'hood,no internet the whole day=can't download the minus 1!!

BUT it was a really really great experience BECAUSE I manage to overcome that FEAR of mine..the fear of singing,standing all alone with no help of the karaoke lyric box & SINGING & HAVING EVERYONE WATCHING YOU...SO SCARY I TELL YOOUUUUUUUUUU!!!My heart was going dup dup dup & suddenly I have much much respect for those on American Idol--that's not an easy thing to do yo!!Peace out!;)



Sounds like fun. When I sing, even the cats run away...

Li said...

ellen,i'm sure ur being modest!