4 movies in 1 day

Monday, December 27, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

After a hectic week and a full day out on Saturday,Sunday was my stay in bed day and I did just that and watch almost all of the dvd's that I haven't watched yet.Below are my reviews of the movies that I watched..More reviews to come!

Easy A
This movie is awesome and it made me fell in love with Emma Stone allover again.She’s so great in this movie.And not forgetting Penn Badgley which provided the much needed eyecandy—awesome bod!:P..Great cast,great story,great lines!

The story is basically about Olive,a teen who doesn’t get notice much at school until one day her bestfriend told a few ppl that she lost her virginity to a college guy which didn’t happen.She told her bestfriend that because she didn’t believe her that she in fact didn’t slept with anyone.And then the rumours just got so big and added more lies on to it.

The title refers to the famous book,The Scarlett Letter,that I studied back in uni days,written by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Watch the movie cos it’s really smart and funny.Olive’s parents are rea
lly cool!I love it when Olive strutted down the school hallway with her new image..sooo cool and very sexy though I’d never do that..ahaha.

Ramona and Beezus
This is a great family movie based on the children book series which is actually titled Beezus and Ramona.Ramona is the 2nd daughter out of 3 siblings and she has an older sister named Beatrice,nicknamed Beezus,who’s very pretty and smart,compared to her who is a troublemaker at school!The movie is funny,endearing and makes you feel all gooey.ahaha.

I love the lil baby in the family,Roberta..soooo cute and cherubic!The story is is about how Ramona’s overactive imagination and wild antics gets her into trouble.The cast is stellar from Jennifer Goodwin,Josh Duhamel,Selena Gomez,Sandra Oh and many2 more.It made me wish that I have a little sister of my own..sometimes it sucks being the only girl in the family..:(

Everybody’s Fine
The title of the movie is ironic because of course,it’s different than the reality of the story.Although I love the starting of the movie as everything was pristine and neat,like really really neat!It goes to show what kind of perfectionist the father is.And the story revolves around how every year,his 4 children comes back for a family dinner of bbq-ed steak but when all of them couldn’t make it,he decided to visit them on a surprise.

As an audience,we get to guess what exactly are each of the children hiding from their father.And if you’re smart,you can practically tell from the get go.The hiding/lying part is because they don’t want to upset him and he always put very high expectations on all of them and ever since their mother died,things were never the same.

But the ending is good and it touched my heart very much when the art gallery lady showed the art piece done by David.

The Switch
Let’s be honest,as much as I love Jennifer Aniston,a lot of the movies that she starred in has flopped.But I have to say that this one is a diamond in a rough.

The story is about a lady named Kassie who decided to inseminate herself because she’s afraid that the clock is ticking and since she’s single,it’ll be a long time before she’ll meet the one and get married.Of course her long time best friend is against it since he feels that it is unnatural.

And during the I’m Getting Pregnant party celebration,cos’ he was a bit high from a herb substance that a friend wrongly gave to him & was very drunk,he did something really really bad but of course,didn’t remember a thing.Fast forward to 7 years later,Kassie is back in town and ask Wally to help her out once in awhile to take care of Sebastian,her son.

I love love it because it is so sweet seeing how Kassie interact with her son Sebastian and also Wally.The part where Kassie tuck him into bed or when Wally took care of him when he got lice..awwwww..:)


Anything silly and filled with action?