American Express--a bit about my job

Thursday, December 30, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I rarely blog about my works specs & what's my work is all about since it'll take a loong post but I PROMISE that I will blog more about it sooon!

A fellow blogger,Hanie Hidayah,blogged about one of the products from the department that I'm working which was bought by Maybank this year--American Express,which is the Amex Gold Credit Card,a product that was officially launched this year.

Me & my colleagues use the card as well & I have been using it for the past 6 months & it's very beneficial.Have redeem TGIF & Gap vouchers from the points I accumulated.:)

The interest is only 9% per year compared to Visa/Mastercard which is 17.5% per year!

Plus you get 5 times points on petrol,groceries & book purchases.(Amex points are Membership rewards while Visa/Master are Treatpoints so the items differ for redemption)

For Platinum cc,you get 2 times points anywhere & lots of promotions are available like discounts here and there for our platinum cardholders.

The most EXCLUSIVE ones are of course the Green,Gold & Platinum Charge Cards--no spending limit but you have to pay full amount for each monthly bill.

Currently,we have the Balance Transfer promotion which is 0% interest for 12 months,no fees whatsoever.

For more info & for the balance transfer form,you can log on to our website--American Express Malaysia!:) Or go to Maybank2u!

Also for our cardholders,you can simply register at the website as well to check all of your's that simple.:)

*P/S:oh yeah,cos of working here for the past 6 months(almost 7 now),I know HECK load about finance now!:))