Awal Muharram--a step in the right direction..:)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

In the Islamic calendar,today is a new year.So in the spirit of things,I have listed a few things that I need/want/should do for myself and most importantly,for a brighter future..:)

1)Eat healthily/exercise

Meaning that I have to cut back on caffeine/junk--all those Starbucks frap has made me gain weight(I think lah).Am drinking more sugarless teas, sweetened with dried stevia leaves(look it up!).I am also adding more vegetables into the diet and of course,fruits as well.

Believe it or not,I USED to be a workout freak--pilates,yoga,weight lifting,5 to 4 days of working out in a week.Now that I am working,I get less time to do so.BUT that is not an excuse right so I am going to have to find my yoga mat & start doing pilates again so shape up this body!ahaha

2)Looking at a career path

The work that I'm doing right now is temporary because I vow to myself that after my convocation,I will get a new job,something that is in line with what I studied back in uni.I have send my resumes to a few companies,one that I'm terribly dying to work with.I believe in what my father said to me a few years ago,'it's either you study hard,or work hard'--or if you can,do both.

Ever since I started working,I realize what a hardworker I can be/am--not to brag or anything but my Key Performance Index at work has been 5/5 consistently for more than 4 months straight now..:)..Yeay me!:P

3)Start financial planning

I want to atleast have a few thousands in the bank before I reach 30 atleast.I want to create a bright future for my future children.In years to come,things will become more expensive & having money/financial security is important.

Plus,I plan to buy my own car(although I am paying monthly for the car I'm driving now,my parents were the one who paid the deposit years back!) or buy my own house before I settle down and give a lucky man the opportunity to make an honest woman out of me.

In life,we need to upgrade ourselves to the better and EVOLVE.Not staying still in one place and doing nothing to make your life better.Material things isn't everything but it does help sometimes in making life easier for us hardworkers.:P

4)Complete my Masters

I have 1 & 1/2 years left to complete my Masters.Pretty scary thought that is!Need to think about my research truly and create a very very good proposal.Ayeyayay.Oh yeah,did I forgot to mention that on top of EVERYTHING,I am also doing my masters?Education is VERY VERY important and sorry,but I don't have much respect for people who does not feel that it is.

I'm not saying that you have to go all ivy league or whatnot but you have to atleast be aware of current events,read a few books in your entire lifetime instead of just living life aimlessly,having fun,lepak2 and not doing anything with the brain that God has given you.Such a waste of
potential right?I believe that everybody can be great if they have the passion and drive for it!

5)Lastly and one of the most important--be a better Muslim.

I am pretty much a good person(most of the time) as I don't embarrass my parents--I always want to make them proud of me.I treat my friends with love and respect.But I have to confess that sometimes I falter and miss a few prayers in a week.So that is NOT a good thing.Just like what Vivy Yusof blog on Proudduck,I vow to not miss my prayers and also,to 'ganti' all of my puasa this year(in case I forget!).

Also,although I khatam the Al-Quran at standard 4,I haven't read it much in these past few years.I did read it during fasting month but I think I should make it a weekly thing as it's good for my soul & I don't want to forget how to read it--scary thought!