Baking queen

Saturday, December 18, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I didn't use to love baking so much.And I think a few yearrrsss ago,my attempt at it suck& I stick to cooking.But I'm not someone who give up so easily,atleast when baking is in point,the last time I tried to bake croissant and failed which was LAST YEAR and I didn't try it again until a few weeks ago & it was a success!

I love the fact that you can create something delicious or spectacular which just a few ingredients like flour,eggs,butter,sugar & a few bits and bobs.It's almost magical..okay find,not that magical but really you can get to bake so many things from a variation of a recipe or by changing the weight of certain ingredients.

Oh,the key difference between cooking & baking is that in baking, from my experience is that you have to be precise in measuring the ingredients!This is something that I had to get used to because when I learned to cook from my grandma,she just throw things into the pot and it'll taste great--or the Malay saying.."agak-agak".

But in baking,no no no.You can't "agak-agak"(guessing the correct weight of ingredients to put) as it will ruin the recipe & there's also a technique to fold the ingredients correctly or you'll end up with a sunken cake or a really flat cookie.

For the past few weeks I have bake chocolate chip cookies & snickerdoodle because my friends ordered them.Also chocolate cupcake with lavender buttercream frosting,banana cake & croissants for the family.My family are my guinea pigs and my experiment lab as they have to taste every single one of my creations.hehe.

I can't wait to try and bake more things like macaron,pavlova,toffee bars,more pies(I can bake 2 kinds--apple & chocolate cream meringue pie),more cookies,more breads(I can only bake croissant,foccacia & baguette..want to try making buns and scones!) and maybe a cake or two(I can only bake butter/yellow cake,red velvet cake which I bake for mother's day last year,chocolate cake & banana cake).

Below are a few pictures of things that I have baked in the past & a cute cute video title BREAD!:)