Bloody sinus

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Today after months of sitting at the same seat and desk,I had to move because around 17 newbies are at the office & today's the day they start working.I'm okay with 'em and they're all pretty cool but it means less space for me & my friends until I begin my shift next week--woohoo..I can wake up late!!:))

So currently I'm sitting beneath a different table,near the aircond vents which DOES NOT HELP MY BLOODY SINUS--which I'm still coming to terms with.It's bloody hard having this bloody condition.ahahaha.

Yeah,I'm pissed because I hate my runny nose and having to use lots of tissues and feeling uncomfortable.Bring back my dry normal nose with no redness or itchyness.Blearghhhhhhhh!This is not a good look on me!!!T_T..Looking like shit is never an option that I'd ever choose but unfortunately with this disease that I have,it makes me look like one a couple of times in a month.

Hates this.Hates the fact that I don't carry my medicine & need to see the doc today to get more..Arghhhh!