Cancer romantic outlook 2011...bwahaha

Friday, December 31, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Yes,being the hardworking person that I am--blearghhh..It's a public holilday & I'm at the office..boohoo..When I woke up,my family are all still in bed & my mum woke me up by calling me on the hp eventhough her room is a few feet away from mine--nampak sangat mama & ayah still in bed..heh..

Balik nanti nak bake2 banyak2 sebab bengang--baking/cooking is considered as therapy for me so will do lots of baking & trying out different recipes today.haha.

Ooh,check out my romantic horoscopes from Yahoo's Shine HERE for yours.

Cancer Outlook for 2011
6/22 – 7/22

Year 2011 Romantic

The South Node quickly finishes the run in Cancer by early January, calling up choices you've made in the past and asking you to learn from any mistakes that weakened your personal integrity. You're learning to trust your gut when it comes to love and relationships rather than seeing what you want to see. You're also getting in touch with just how sensitive you are and how important it is not take on other people's emotional baggage. (exactly!no baggage please!)

The planetary heavyweight, Saturn ruling karmic lessons continues his transit through the relationship sign of Libra (consequently at the very core of your horoscope.) Lessons that began in 2010 in the love department get put to the test and require you to go even deeper. You're getting the courage to cut the umbilical cords that have only served to choke your growth. (ouch to the person responsible!)Comfort and security are one thing, but if you're wasting your time, you're wasting your time, Cancer. (hahahah..BETUL!) You can no longer get away with rationalizing your feelings. The truth is in your belly.

Pluto, the lord of the underworld and deep, one-way transformation continues to reveal any repressed issues and power struggles in significant relationships. Consider that you're only in the early stages of a heavy long-term process of self-discovery and shedding skin. (Yikes!!)Letting go has never been more essential to your overall wellbeing. (Yeah2,I KNOW!)Relationships take on a heavier vibe and ask you to commit thereby eliminating any residual fluff. Those relationships that no longer serve you will fall away, ready or not. And there is no going back under Pluto's inevitable one-way metamorphosis.


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Cancer babies are awesome! Always have, always will!