Congrats Harimau Malaya(part 1)

Thursday, December 30, 2010 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Despite the hostile treatment that our players received in Jakarta--I am still pissed that they had to practice at the hotel & not the stadium & had to be lead into the stadium with 'kereta kebal'--you guys deserve every bit of your victory!!:))

SUPER SUPER CONGRATULATIONS!!Read the news HERE--for those who missed the game--BOOO YOU!ahaha

I'm at work&just now after the tweets by KJ,The Star & our PM himself last night,it was announced officially at the office that tomorrow is a public holiday!!!!

I have sooo many things to write about to culminate our victory after our boys won the AFF Suzuki 2010 cup,after 14 YEARS of not being able to bring the cup home!!Yeahhhhhhh

People might be surprised that I actually watched football for both final AFF Suzuki matches since the only ones I've watched was when I was the girlfriend of a goalkeeper & I had to follow him to his matches or risk his dissapointment--I remembered when I had to go to Napisah's engagement & he would rather I watched him play instead(couldn't go to his match since I arrived from Ipoh around 5 something in the evening & his started around 4.30 I think).

And I remembered getting so riled up when a very big opponent stepped on his knee during one of the matches & left a deep gash on it & I panicked like mad,bought ice,plaster,dettol & blah2.So I guess I do have a bit of footie in me.ahahaha.

The most talked about man right now is of course Khairul Fahmi--penalti pon tak masuk wei!!!And lots of lasers was pointed at him during a part of the match but he stayed stroooonnggg!And whats up with the gulf of smoke at some point during the match??pfttttt!

And Luna Maya & Manohara went to the stadium?Who cares!But then again,where were our celebs during the 1st final match?haaaaa!:)

Say what you want but I still believed that the MVP award & the US $ 10,000 should have been given to him!Not to whatsis name--ahaha.
Will blog more later tonight!!!


Happy New Year to you!

Li said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to u ellen!!
happy new year to all ur pets as well..:)
may 2011 brings you more writing opportunities & don't forget to include me..hehehe