Convocation:The Liyana's Guideline

Tuesday, December 07, 2010 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

On the risk of being totally 'poyo'(uncool),the title is a joke as I just had my convocation for my degree last Tuesday.So I thought I'd share the experience during my convocation and the preparation that one has to do before one's convocation.I divided it into Pre,While & Post,akin to the teaching methodology that I learned in uni..hehe.


The robe,mortar board & the sash thingy that I wore during convocation cost me rm140 to rent.My convocation fell on 30th December while the taking of the robe itself was on the 22nd of December along with the rehearsal.Now,for one who's busy with work,you can ask your friend or a representative to take the robe on your behalf.The payment for the robe has to be done before the 22nd of December.

Oh,and this guide is for UiTM students.If you have any pending library charge or any summons that you haven't paid yet,you have to do it BEFORE picking up your convocation robe or else you can't do so cos' you have to print the robe form thingy(I advise you to constantly check on UiTM's convocation website for more info!) & give it during the day itself.

Also,as it's one in a lifetime moment that you'll never get back,why not fork out a few ringgit for the right outfit/shoes and blah2.Be prepared to spend a few hundreds but you don't have to if you don't want to,it's just an experience of me & my friends.I spend rm630 for my convocation--all my OWN money okay!RM140 for robe,RM391 for my baju kurung & rm99 for my shoes!

However,my dad paid for the family portrait & my own portrait which was taken right after convocation & on UiTM's ground itself--you can get discount if you know where to look & how to haggle.

There will be a rehearsal for the day itself a few hours after you have taken your robe--the time to take our robes for me & my friends started at 2pm & the rehearsal started at 4pm.Do go to rehearsal as although it does have some so-so moments,it is very helpful to ease your nervousness for the day itself.Plus,if you're bored,you can take pictures with your friends,like I did!:)

Also,if you're not busy with work or have free time,take lots of pics with your robe before the convocation day itself as on the day,you'll be too busy to take pictures with your friends as it will be jam packed with people!

And because the rehearsal & the robe taking took time around 1 hour or so,go & lepak2 with your friends after cos' you deserve it!:)


On the day itself,make sure you get ready and look your best and bring essentials like your makeup kit for touchups cos' you'll gonna need it as you'll be sweating bullets while waiting in line before getting into the big hall.Also if possible,bring a pair of ballet flats/sandals like I did because your feet will hurt if you have to stand for a long time while queuing up to enter the hall.

Bring some snacks or a magazine or two because the ceremony takes a looooong time.Me & my friends were in the hall from 1pm-5pm something.So you have lots of time to kill yo!

After I finish walking on stage in my 6-inch heels,I texted my mum cos' they said they'll come after they pick up my brother from school(he has SPM).So imagine my surprise when my mum replied that she did saw me on stage & she said to look up!

My parents were there at the VIP section!!weeeeee..My mama waved at me & I waved back & it was truly a great moment having my parents sharing my academic achievement/one of life's milestone..:)--Funny thing,my mama said that right when I stepped on stage,my dad instantly notice my shoes!ahahaha


If you didn't get to snap much pictures with your friends during Post-convocation,chances are,it might make it harder to do after the convocation ceremony as you'll be busy taking pictures with your family members right after it,like I did.

But I did get to take a few pics with my friends after it though I didn't wear my robe since I left it in the car & it was raining so didn't feel like bringing it with me..ahaha..Had dinner with some of my friends at Fullhouse straight after though I did miss a couple of people that I haven't seen in ages like Hani,Yaya,Izlin & Hafriz!:(

All in all,I'm glad that I had quite an eventful convocation & my dearest family & friends were there to share it with me.Thanks to everybody who wish me a happy graduation!!

Hopefully when I get my Masters degree(in 2 years time,insyallah),I'll have someone other than them to share it with..*amin*


I did when I graduated and haven't looked at the pics since. Hmm. Must look them out!

Anonymous said...

very helpful for my convocation this May!thanks :)

Liyana.H said...

anon:glad it helped you & congrats on ur convocation!:)