Sunday, December 19, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

People who are close to me,are the privileged ones who have seen me cry.I don't cry so easily in front of others/strangers/people I barely know.I have cried in front of my parents,my brothers,the guy that I love and my bestfriends.

But most importantly,I cry a lot when I'm by myself.I guess certain things just get to you and maybe because in actual fact,although I act all tough(ceh wah) on the outside,I am a very 'soft'(lembut) person.

Watched the 2nd episode of Grey's Anatomy season 7 today(the downloading is heck slow no thanks to both my dad & brother downloading stuffs on their own pc/laptop) and again I cried,a lot.

Grey's Anatomy is just getting better and better and the writing and the characters and the story in each episode just manage to grip your heart and play with your emotions.A very good show and season indeed.

I'll share with you the line that made me cry and it made me wish that maybe,just maybe it'll happen to me someday.Basically the line was uttered by Owen after he went to find Christina a few hours after she gave him back her wedding ring and wanted to end things.

Christina was actually going to come back and Meredith was there consoling her at Mer's house.And Owen came in,drenched by the rain outside and said this beautiful line that made me cry just like that...

"Christina you don’t feel nothing, alright.You didn’t feel nothing today.You felt scared,you were terrified and you felt anger.You were angry at me.And after what you’ve been through,you’re allowed ,alright.That’s what you should be feeling.

And I know because when I was there I felt all those things and I took it all out on you.And you were patient ,you were kind and you stayed through it because you love me.You loved me.

So uh, you can be scared with me or you can be pissed with me or at me I don’t care because I’m going to stay through it all.I’m not going anywhere Christina.I’m not going anywhere without you."

So sweet right?*sigh*

At the end of the day,what you want is someone who would want you back.