A girl can't possible have too many clothes or shoes..:P

Friday, December 24, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Before I start,have you guys went to Empire Subang to try the slide??I went there a few weeks ago for my ex-students 16th birthday & it looks like soo much fun..Wanted to try it but that time I had terrible cramps due to the time of the month..:(*I'm craving ole2 bali's pisang bakar..soo yummy!*

Sigh..I just can't say no to pretty clothes or shoes..It's just so hard because they're there, practically calling out to you to get them.But,I wear these to work..okay maybe not them heels.So they're worthwhile purchases.hehe.My recent purchases includes:

1) a well made tuxedo blazer in black--finally i found one that looks good on me.Love the collar & the puffy sleeves.

2)a pair of louboutin nitoinimoi-ish platform heels in grey..they're sexy & tough...loves em!

3)a pair of oldblossombox novelty maxi skirt in black with a pink bow--

4)a lovely print dress from oldblossombox--the print is just so pretty!Had to
buy it & it's so comfy too that I wore it straight home,xnak bukak2..hehe

5)a white oldblossombox peterpan shirt with lace & pearl collar--I love love the pearls inside the collar in mesh netting..:)

I have too many hairproducts now that I have recently colored my hair..Am waiting it to grow looong and won't color it again..hehe