Gossip Girl season 4 rundown(beware:SPOILERS!)

Sunday, December 05, 2010 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

I thought season 4 of Gossip Girl would be boring but turns out it was anything BUT boring.I feel truly sorry for Serena,because let’s face it,she’s BORN that way—gorgeous,rich and with brains,so who could blame her?It’s sad that pathetic people like Vanessa,Juliet & Jenny wants to bring her down just because everyone loves her.Why can’t they better up themselves instead?Sheeesssh!

And the whole Blair & Chuck tug of war thing was very very entertaining to watch.I’m so glad they FINALLY confessed that they still love each other in person but they know that they can’t be a couple for the time being because of Blair with Girls Inc.,while Chuck runs the Empire Hotel.Glad the whole no makeup wearing plain jane Eva is out of the picture..can you say ick!

I’m sort of happy with the fact that Serena is back with Dan.Enough with weird older men like Nate’s cousin(I forgot his name) or Colin(though he’s very hot!).Dan is a great guy who’d always be there for her and I’m glad that she choose him over Nate cos’ what did Nate do right after he broke up with Serena—slept with lots and lots of random chicks..ewwww & the whole Juliet thing was stupid too.

Is it me or is Jenny been putting on a lil’ bit of weight or can Taylor Momsen be pregnant?Cos’ she’s in all these baggy clothes that we can’t even see her figure.ahaha.

Juliet is one psycho chick!I’m glad now that Blair knows the truth cos’ she’s definitely great at masterminding a revenge although she looks all sweet on the outside.Loves that about her!Her munching on all those macarons(macarons & macaroons are 2 different desserts okay!) made me want to bake them!!

But baking macarons need to precise or else you’ll get a soggy macaron like the one I tasted from a baker who sold em’ at an event that I went to.A great macaron is when you bite into it,you can hear a ‘crack’ sound & it’ll reveal a soft exterior.Okay,got a little sidetracked from things here,what can I do,I’m a little Suzy the homemaker..hehe.

Ooh,I thought I’d do a lil’ bit of a diagram on whom has slept with whom on Gossip Girl & we can brand the man-whore & whore of Gossip Girl.

Blair has slept with—Chuck & Nate.
Serena has slept with—Nate & Dan.
Vanessa has slept with—Nate,Dan & Chuck.
Nate has slept with—Blair,Serena & Vanessa.

Chuck has slept with—Blair & Vanessa.
Dan has slept with—Serena & Vanessa.

So,the man-whore of Gossip Girl award goes to Nathaniel Archibald while the whore of Gossip Girl award goes to Vanessa Abrams(did I spelled that right?All of my Gossip Girl books has been given to my faculty’s Ethos club to lend years back).


I'm excited the next episode of Gossip Girl Season 4 titled "It Girl Happened One Night" I think Dan and Blair have shown to have a better chemistry now. Love Serena with Ben hope they don't ruin it and, Nate should be with Juliet. Entertainment Bay