Last saturday(all pics are in the previous post)

Monday, December 27, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Can you believe that in 4 more days and then it'll be 2011?A whole brand new year?I'm not going to make any new year resolutions since you ended up not sticking to it half of the time anyway.

I just hope that 2011 will bring me more great days,weeks,months,opportunities,more luck,more fortune,a relationship that does not make me want to leave(snap!ahaha),a better figure(!),and hopefully,complete atleast 70% of my masters research.

On Christmas day, went out with Izza & her lil sis Izrin & then had a late lunch/tea with Tatie joining us.I thought I won't spend any money yesterday but boy was I wrong..spend well,a lot..yikes!

Meet up with Izza & Izrin at BB Plaza after I bought a few masks at The Face Shop--they had a great deal so I bought 6 masks at just rm40 something..Had a Java Chip at Starbucks for breakfast as I waited for the girls.

We then walked to Fahrenheit cos I wanted to see what the big deal about Uniqlo was all about.Clearly nothing great there!The design was soo basic & nothing spectacular...

Found a pretty dress at Chapter 8 there(the pic is in the post below,the floor length cream & black dress) but sigh,it was sort of expensive and plus I don't have any pending special events for me to wear that pretty pretty dress!!I sooo badly want it and it looked soo great on me(bwahaha) but yeah...maybe some other time.

Walked to Pavilion and there were not that many people yet outside but when we went inside,man,there was a lot of people.I remembered going to Pavi a few months ago and it was almost dead..I guess everybody was out cos it's a public holiday.Met Kak Nelly while we were camwhoring outside.ahaha.

Shop and shop.Splurge at La Senza--I believe that good lingerie is key for any girl!:P
And then splurge like mad at Diva....awesome awesome stuff at rock bottom prices.Had a late lunch/tea at La Bodega while we waited for Tatie to come.Then afterwards we went home with Tatie dropping me off at BB Plaza where I parked my car & the parking cost me rm14--the most expensive parking I've to pay yet!

The traffic was bad in KL for the 1st 20mins but then as I took the NPE highway,it was smooth sailing--so didn't mind the 3 tols otw as it beats being stuck in traffic!