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The Social Network

This movie is of course(unless you've been living under a rock & don't know this),based on Mark Zuckerberg & Eduardo Saverin,the founders of Facebook.Watched the movie today and since I’m sleepy and will be waking up for work in a couple of hours,I just have this to say—IT IS BRILLIANT.The next brilliant movie coming from US this year since The Inception!And I now have a huuugeeee crush on Andrew Garfield---soooo cute!

And although a lot of myth was portrayed in the movie(fact:Mark has a girlfriend named Priscilla during Harvard & before he created Facebook & they’re still together),it is very enjoyable watching the brilliant minds on film.Awesome!

Going the Distance

This is truly one of the stupidest movie ever made.I’m sorry,the existence of itself was unnecessary. The only saving grace was probably the hottie that is Justin Long ,but even then,the fact that he had to bare his butt a lot of the time in the movie,it was sort of gross!

The movie is basically about a couple who had to endure a long distance relationship.But it could have been a truly great movie about how love can stand the test of time,blah blah but when it is handle in a crass manner with unnecessary jokes like the hand print on the butt cos’ of spray tan or getting caught having sex by your sister & her husband & the dry hump thing..truly made this movie veering on the gross side of things & it’s hard to take it seriously.

And really,what was the point even for a scene whereby the character of Justin Long’s female colleague,who is suppose to be the poster child for being in a long distance relationship longer than he has,suddenly slept with his roommate due to a drunken night?That was just to me, unnecessary.

This movie was a waste of time to me,sorry!

You Again

I like this movie.It wasn’t a good movie persay but it was waaayy better than Going the Distance.I feel so sorry for Marni’s character,having to go through that experience of being bullied just because she wasn’t as pretty as her peers like Joanna,growing up & then having it all & then suddenly finds out that her own brother is marrying the girl that made her life a living hell in high school!

It was funny when her own mother also met someone from her high school past although this one was more of a frenemy,in the form of Joanna’s aunt which is a woman who seems to have it all but of course,there’s a catch since you can’t have it all.

Eat,Pray and Love

For a person who has a huge collection of books on people travelling experiences (mostly in Italy—I have Frances Mayes & Annie Hawes ENTIRE collection),I love Elizabeth Gilbert’s book which is what the movie is based upon.Of course it has many flaws but I thought it did give the book quite the justice it deserve.

Do not watch the movie on an empty stomach because the Italy part is really appetizing :).I wanted to make pasta soon after!I’m glad the India part was okay as well as I had problems reading it in the book as to me that part was really depressing.The Bali part was great but I had problems when Felipe referred to durian as tasting like stinky feet or was it dirty socks—IT DOES NOT!Durian is delicious & you shouldn’t be put off by the pungent smell.


Yaya said...

Thanks for the review babe.

x brkesempatan g bookstore cuti nie.
MISS YOU! nnt kewangan aq dh stabil kite eat bento together2 k

Li said...

welcome babe!!
i miss u 2!!:)))
saya pon pokai sbb convocation..
jom2 lps 22hb december ni!!:)

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